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Tom Tolbert and John Lund on VR, the sports leader. Boy to. Demarcus cousins back against the clippers tonight. Get his viewpoint. On all of that. Sponsored by the international sportsman expo and outdoor show, which is at the Celtics will in Sacramento discount, coupons and big O tires the sportsman expo now through Sunday at Cal expo in San Antonio. ESPN by the way, wanted to mention this in the Greg hardy business this weekend. Are you gonna watch their debut? You're not gonna watch you can watch Greg hardy this probably now know what maybe who's fighting in the main event dillashaw? Yes. My wife's dillashaw. The hardy, but I'm curious, you know, how good the card is when when Greg hardy co the co main event like Greg hardy co main event stop. You say every Kurds a good card be every card is a good card. No you every time. I has Brian good card. Yeah. That's good card concurred. I mean, I thought his last name was white Brian white or good car. Good card. That's thinking about the UFC as like. Their undercard is usually much better than a boxing undercard, usually boxing undercard just to advance someone's career and he just mob. Some dude up like, here's your young contender twenty three and whore hair. And he's frightened Brian Wilson who's thirty nine. And he's and he's is closer thirty thirty one and twenty two killed. Around. What are you doing up there? But these fights, and you know, they're usually pretty good. I give you that. Well, I watch it. I don't know. It's on tomorrow. What are we got? We had I yeah. Which I wanna watch that that'd be a phobia. It'd be more fun of trae young was. Retrea John, by the way, they said the Duke ratings this year, obviously, very credible. Just through the I read something that they were the best as a single team. I think the best insight guy goes back like pre two thousand. They're just like they're craze, everyone else sees they just wanna see these guys and especially in. Well, I mean, look Baratin in ready to really good. Yeah. But wanna see they want wanna to the free? That's it. You just hit. Right. You'd use the perfect warrior because that's what it is. Is that guys come and go all the time in college basketball, but this is like an offensive lineman playing hoop and like people he's just like he's a truck. And it's just crazy. People wonder how he's going to translate to the NBA because he doesn't really shoot it all that. Well, I say look. The way the NBA is now he's going to be fine. He can run he will shoot. Eventually. You'll figure out a way to get it done. Either. This shot is busted, not a great shot, but it's not a little better, but he's super athletic. Yeah. He's big is arms with long. It can rebound can handle I go. He's not gonna have to guard guys that can post up because no one can post up now like you expose him down the block because he's undersized. Everyone's undersized nowadays in the NBA the totally different game. I some people aren't quite as high send people are super high him. I think he's gonna be really good. I think I think the way the NBA plays right now fits in perfectly. Would you love him to shoot course, you'd love everybody to shoot? But I think just the fact that he's small and everyone's small he's guys that are his same size. He'll kick their ass kicked their ass do demand. Yeah. He is flat. He is unreal. Anyway. All right, Marcus Thompson is gonna join us coming up next. We'll get into tonight's game with the clippers. Why such a big deal DeMarcus cousins makes his worst abuse? We'll get into it with Marcus nationally here on these sports..

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