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Hello, Paul. The Drop house with you guys every day of the week. How can we make that way We would have to talk to people. I'm not sure who, though. But Paul tell us what we should be watching this weekend because it is a holiday onions with Holly. We can We have two huge movies now obey above that have bean Impacted by the pandemics. So the first one is Janet knew Christopher Nolan movie I was supposed to come out a while ago. It's now here now in theaters exclusively and says We're going to test audiences as to whether or not they will want to go to a movie later to see how the land new movie magnitude I promise you before we get to that. Can you tell us like what sort of released this I mean, like, how many theaters are going to be carrying this movie, while others that are the theatres are open from the US run. First run movies are certain to be playing tennis. So like all of your amcc thie imagine theaters, the showplace icon. The last time they're all flying this I mean, they almost have to play it in order to get money into their theatres. Now, the smaller ones that are independent theaters are trial on the heights. They're not going to be playing this, but the bigger ones will be I would recommend doing your research figure out which ones you feel comfortable with whether it's their seating arrangement. Whether buying tickets advance What's the mask policy and my tip? If you do want to go to maybe go on off times don't try to go to the seven o'clock PM when everyone else is going, though, Ofttimes you feel like you're in a safe environment with a mask on, obviously so you are in a socially distance in that theatre and maybe ask like what their ventilation system like. Except that they do it because you wanted a safe if you want to go back, and you did actually go. I did go back. So one of others. We invited a few of us critics here in town to go see Ken. It's at at AMC Southdale and I was invited. Exactly interview John David Washington Elyse DeBakey for this movie this movie, and it felt so good to be back in theatre Now we want before the actual theater was open, so it myself and two other critics. So the three of us in their massive IMAX theatre, So I thought safe because it was just the three of us right now. So let's talk the actual movie because we only have a couple minutes left. What is the situation with with Janet? Yeah. John David Washington plays this. He's on a mission to essentially prevents this nuclear world watcher from happening And he's trying to stop this Russian oligarchs played by Dennis Brianna before he goes on, treats this ammunition in the future, so I'll promise behind Moby. Is this really on the inversion of time? So you're finding out the results of the future. And how do you know about about preventing that kind of happening? So if you have ever seen inception or interstellar with any of Christopher Nolan's movies, they are a mind trip. You're not gonna understand everything and that is for sure happening here. You have to almost go into just feel it as a movie versus trying to understand it. And if you try to understand it will be confused. He won't like what's going on. And the votes body? Where, if you just think, just figure this out later, maybe. And you're gonna have more fun with it. Interesting. So something you probably benefit from seeing more than once exactly like I'm excited to see it again. Whenever I end up singing again Now, that kind of know the outline of the movie and what happened to then try to piece together. Robert Pattinson's also when it was kind of the charming psychic because it really is just like a spy thriller..

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