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Thanks for hanging out with it is thursday afternoon and traffic is leading it's sunny out and basically retreating today like it's friday because we still have to come back here tomorrow and that's going to be saturdays yesterday so good view tuesday night did feel like friday night i did like that just because you know going certainly not having something okay before we do this next you know betty from riverdale riverdale is just love her she is speaking to we're going to hear from her but i want to just give an alert a horn trumpet okay meghan markle meaning appearance today in a lemon yellow dress everybody without of belt without a button yes it is a bit too long but she's the duchess of sussex yep and i don't know what this dresses the designer brandon maxwell oh lady gaga she's thirty this her stylist he did at lady gaga silas good at making closer he must have known that he is now designer and he gets worn quite a bit yeah it's a very edison sheath right yeah yeah it's a boatnecked sheath sleeveless showing off her beautiful arms she has little knoll julian that you can see except for probably your wedding ring wearing a nude pomp and her hose of course looking lovely i'm so glad there isn't a belt or button nothing on it it's a straight cheap i but i like that better and and they're holding hands and that's because the only they kennel dan's i guess known as dancer on the queen that's it when so when you're around the queen you can't hold hands how weird is that yes it's as well here he knows the drill around his grandmother and he has let her know that one of her first rail ropes that she needed to know is that they don't hold hands in front of the queen it is very rare to ever see royal couples holding hands unofficial outlines because they want show all their allegiance to the queen and no one's more important than being the queen basically protocol protocol right and it's all about the queen when she's around yes yes that's ari is third generation maybe prince william will change that who knows charles that's why you won't see them holding hands so anyway go take a look at address so lily reinhart who plays betty riverdale haven't watched that show very binge worthy i would say it's on the cw cdw and so she plays betty on this dark riverdale i would call it like it feels like it has the pretty little liars feeling to it is what it does because it's dark and but there's it's it's so good it's just i don't i don't know why i'm not that into it six left to watch i'm just i don't know why i don't know you know mark swallows plays betty's dad they just have a really it's dark i just felt the same story was going on too long for me but you know i have attention deficit disorder yeah so we'll call it archie gone wild is that fair i don't even know who betty and archie are i mean the younger generation i don't even think read those cartoons like i'm thinking of my natalie doc whatever you know what i mean i have no idea i just think it's a it's a soapy dish e fund that stark so anyway here's a little she's on the cover of not on the cover she's profiled by harper's bazaar she was at the met gala this past yes she was and she kind of has an interesting style and also someone i think at harper's noticed what how lily reinhart does her twitter and instagram and it's she you know 'cause i think i think she's only twenty one years old and she's dating her real life boyfriend on the show played by dylan sprouse okay or is it cole sprouse i can't believe it i can't remember what they're twins but anyway let's play the audio she plays the classic comic book character betty cooper on the hit show riverdale solving crimes alongside archie veronica and jug head and now twenty one year old lily reinhart is revealing her deeply personal struggle with body dismore via a mental illness involving obsessive focus on a perceived flaw in appearance reinhard responding to social media critics online the.

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