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Number you're listening to the valley news talk k b n t ninety two point five fm ten twenty am karen on the line with us and karen welcome to the show and do i dare ask what is your favorite pie ma'am i don't know that's a tough one blueberry i guess blueberries a good pie absolutely jerry you know you can't go wrong with alaskan blueberry exact you just can't but we can go wrong with a lot of the legislators in juneau let's get to that subject let's do karen what's on your mind i'm sorry i missed the first part of the show i just saw that you were hosting and i figured that you're going to be talking about life and so i thought i would call in so unfortunately i missed the first hour of discussion but i do want to let your listeners know that i'm very disappointed in the state senate judiciary committee passed f b one twenty four out of committee today on a vote of four to one this is an abortion bill they're pretending it is a save the babies bill but if you read the title the title is abortion procedures now here's the thing the republicans claim repeatedly loudly they screech i am pro life they are not life in the sense that most people think of prolife when they pass bills that legislate more abortion the vote was four to one to pass it out of committee with four republicans voting for it mike showers cog hill costello and kelly only the democrat bill will account ski voted no citing opposition to the bill from both sides of the aisle and topic while he also questioned the constitutionality of the bill he probably opposes it for different reasons than we do but at least he opposed it here's the thing one republican legislators or candidates say they are pro life do not believe them the only person in juneau right now that is prolife and when i meet by the definition of prolife i mean abolish abortion the only abolish abortion legislator in juneau right now is david eastman who sponsored h b two fifty delano johnson finally got on board and it only because she was pushed into a corner right by joe miller calling her out where are all the legislators kathy tilton district twelve iran against her in two thousand sixteen.

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