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On the eights. How are the roads? This Friday? Dave in Virginia. It's not so bad. All things considered 66. We don't have any recent crashes to bring to your attention headed south, bound from Lorton into Woodbridge, Route one near has street caller says. Authorities air winching a car out of the wood line and south bound drivers. They're getting by. In one left lane, north bound lanes of Route one are open. I 95 6 outbound through Woodbridge slow and steady progress, typical volume delays and predictably slow at times through Stafford County. Beltway at the Wilson Bridge. Good Beltway interlude toward the Legion bridge. Somewhat slow, but the crashing your Claire Bart parkways on the right shoulder of the interlude on to 70 North, found some heavy traffic in the two lane stretch through Frederick County. But not bad for a summer Friday. I 95 the B W Parkway between beltways with virtually no delay on the interstate and normal congestion on the parkway, North bound Near the Beltway and through Greenbelt route 29 between four corners in white oak is open It burnt mills, debris removal and bridge inspection at Northwest Branch completed still have a few lower lying portions of beach drive in Sligo Creek parkways gated off after yesterday's flooding, but on route 50 through Chevrolet, it's dry pavement and easy travel. Unlike yesterday inside And outside the Beltway offer your employees of benefits experience that stands out. Renaissance focuses on dental vision, Life and disability insurance. Ask your broker about Renaissance today. Dave Tilden. W T o P traffic. It's going to look at that weekend forecast now Storm Team four's Samara Theater Tonight. Temperatures are falling. We're headed to the mid sixties as we head through the overnight hours, a few of us could.

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