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Com in the Adil Damar group twenty four hour traffic center I'm Katie W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty and the accu weather forecast from the family heating cooling electrical weather center here's Brian Thompson but it will be a few clouds around for tonight it's going to be another pretty cold died a low thirteen some of the cold the spots will likely get down into the single digits not tomorrow some sunshine early will give way to clouds overall not as harsh as today with a high of thirty two but there will be a gusty cold wind developing in the afternoon in a weak system comes through with a little bit of light snow flurries tomorrow evening looks like little or no jubilation or maybe a dusting in some spots will be cloudy with a low of twenty seven the milder Sunday with some sun high forty I'm actor but to be religious Brian Thompson on W. W. J. does ready at nine fifty thank you Brian right now mostly clear skies across metro Detroit's a cool twenty one degrees in mount Clemens twenty two currently in downtown Bellville partly cloudy skies now in downtown Detroit's and twenty one degrees live and local radio nine fifty W. W. J. good afternoon I'm Jacki page and I'm Jason Scott our top stories at three fifty a suspect in the death of a local hair stylist known across the country has been arraigned on the murder charge Jimmy Jermaine picket accused of killing but shark Callebaut of Bloomfield hills earlier this week at a Detroit motel W. WHR he what we'll have details coming up just after four o'clock one of the fifty seven US citizens evacuated from the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak in China has now developed a minor upper respiratory symptoms and will be quarantine to check if they have the virus here's emergency medicine physician.

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