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Retired US marine remains detained by Russian officials for allegedly spying. Correspondent Matthew chance has the latest on Paul Wieland from Novi. We haven't had much information either from the US embassy, which is called the consular access to mR Wayland. But so far has not been confirmed to us, and I've been in close contact with them about whether or not the access has been granted the Russians formerly under the Vienna. Convention have seventy two hours before they have to grant the access that time as already lapsed I chat at the White House. Top officials from both parties today invited to the White House to meet for the first time since the partial government shutdown President Trump hosting congressional leaders at the White House Wednesday, they'll get border security briefing and a chance to move toward ending the partial government shutdown, but Karoo margin with the Washington Post says that will be tough it's going to probably be far more. Complicated to reach a compromise than just say, okay? What's the number in between? Both of our standing point. It's not just about dollars about negotiations. Getting something for something else. I'm John Lawrence reporting. US Representative Brenda Jones short-lived career in congress coming to a close. She served the final weeks. Former Representative John Conyers term in the US house. She's a democrat who took oath of office on November twenty nine th she moved into con Conyers old office. She served three weeks. She cast about seventy seven votes in the house and introduced two bills one about affordable housing the other one targeting states that reduced the minimum wage one of Detroit's most anticipated new venues is opening to the public.

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