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Fixed the good stuff get more animal radio with the free animal. Radio app for iphone and android. Your dog loves meat. That's why they'll love the new line of red baron dry dog food. The first five ingredients in each red barn recipe are meat fish or poultry sure to satisfy your dogs carnivore cravings. The added functional ingredients. Make red barn. Dry dog foods. The perfectly balanced meal for your best friend available in land ocean and sky recipes. Your dog loves meat. We love your dog head to red barn dot com to use the promo animal radio for ten percent off your bag celebrating the connection with our pets. This is animal radio featuring veterinarian. Dr debbie white groomer. Joey villani news director. Lorie brooks and now from the red barn studios. Here are your hosts. How rooms and judy francis. If you're listening now which you are. I can guarantee you're listening our you not hearing me say you're listening now. You probably have a pet. You might have a dog. You might have a cat. You might have fish. He might have horses. But you probably don't have a beaver. probably not. yeah they are they're exotic. I don't think it's actually legal to own beavers. No i don't think so. It's a wild animal. But there are wildlife rehabilitators. Yes and in a few minutes. We're going to talk to the mother of justin bieber who justin bieber roommate chest in beaver. Apparently she Is rehabbing a beaver. Among other things. I don't laugh. I mean i don't know what this all about Certainly name is adorable. I lied. I'm not here to judge but i am here to listen and find out. What just in beaver is all about. And we'll have justin bieber zone in the bomb and just a few minutes. I can't even imagine what would it be. Run around free in the house. Go to the store you come back in your kitchen table would be on. The league's would be gone. I'm gonna stick to my cat. My cat is low maintenance. I am a guy. They don't really chew too much. Stop up now. They're not big chewers usually so she's on the way in just a few minutes and we're also going to do a check of the news with lorie brooks. What are you working on for this hour. you know. I was admiring your empathy skills. How when you're talking about. You're just here to listen and stuff and have you ever thought as an animal lover that you are different from other people you know like you feel so much because your heart just aches for these little crazy is that just me. No it's not just you know there are others too but the amazing thing is that scientists have now discovered what it is physiological thing in our human bodies that causes this animal craziness. Animal love empathy. What makes us animal lovers. So i'll share this with you. Because i think it's pretty amazing okay. I cannot wait to find out why. I love animals so much. Dr debbie is ready to take your calls so as joey villani. If you have any questions for our dogfather call right now from the free animal radio app for iphone android and blackberry. They make me say that. Actually i get ten cents. Every time i say that. Have a dollar now. We're going to line to well. Hi how are you doing. I'm good how are you very good. What's going on in your world. Oh well i've just got a big cat that seems to have dandruff. not all the time. But from time to time it seems to be clicked a little bit by the top of her tail You know where it comes from her body in that area She's a siamese cat and she weighs almost eighteen pounds. Holy moly a couple of years. But she's not fat she's just A big cat. Gator shadows wow exercise and everything. But she's just a big test. I took her in and When i first got her new said she's not a fat cat. she's just a big cat. This is the way some of them are. Sometimes you know a little When i first got her they some something on her. I can't even remember what it was and that it did work. It was very greasy and it just were self off and it didn't really work. I was wondering if there's something. I can use on her colt that might help it. Okay perhaps now. There's a couple of things. I wanna ask you. Does she seems itchy scratchy. She have hair loss in any of the areas on her body. She doesn't scott says she doesn't have any hair loss and i've kind of pulled up her and check check. She doesn't have any dry. Spots are dry under there. It's weird to sing. It's kinda like a flaky When i brush her. And i'd take the air off the brush. You can see a little spot of hair She's an indoor cat. And i'm wondering if maybe it's just a dry skin that she's got well. The first thing is when you tell me that you have a siamese that's eighteen pounds. My bs radar is going on and she's in good weight because there are not many. Siamese which are fine boned lean cast is generally. What the breeds hype is so i would just partial. I think maybe half. Siamese yeah well we do see especially in the hindquarter area right over the rump. We do see a problem where overweight cats will commonly get dry skin in that area. And they'll have a lot of flaky nece in part of it is because they're a little bit to round. I'm kind of like a weeble. They can't turn around. And groom that spot very well so that can definitely play one factor in things but when we look at what are all the causes of what makes a cat. We have flaky skin. Well we look at things like parasites so perhaps your veterinarian did treat with a topical parasite product. That'd be one of the simplest things that i would always start with us to make sure we're doing really good flea control because there's also other types of parasites you can't see like might that can cause Flaky nece as well as itching and so forth. So making sure that you've had your cat she's an indoor cat all the time understand. Yeah but they're still. I feel give her the three things Later that he's not An aggressive cat in any way but.

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