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It was not actually running for senate as a told me i told me say the kid rock has not actually running for senate and that is that is our breaking news that that's what adult the press war was that yes yes that was our big time breaking news you can still biased merchandise saw hold on on on his website you hats tank jobs jersey's all kinds of kid ourselves on kid ride for senate may maybe go cheaper has kit rock came out the new song since that swim alabama a couple years ago and what does he dined with the latest kick can you pull that sweet home that can you pull it out i want to hear or play it i i want to hear the warsaw ever heard of my entire life it's and it just as it continues to prolong during the song it made me even more uncomfortable i think i think we have it in here also now we have we're looking to abort kelly this professional broadcasting at its finest we we we will try to find that saw but kid rock for senate where it was done before it ever started and then now he had to come out and actually you know what happened was pay zach this'll be a great pr stunt right yes kid what you say you're running for shatter we'll do it like this and then somebody said all right we've got a little following behind this you know what now that now that we've got a little following we might actually we had something on our hands maybe we should back off a little bit exists this it elvis yeah the daily mail has their own adult some time in the end april and in segment aware what of london why would she seventeen in this sauce so have whole yeah so it's cloudy in overpass there's a myth the.

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