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Oh my god and then obviously occupants my friends here seem to be like prostitutes you're very then yeah so you knew from a young age yeah i mean there were lots of problematic things about my childhood being gay was one of the really positive but i always need be right with they always knew they'd be when did you come out when i came out to them we're trying to do was loudly have sex with boys in the house and the hype that movement i was gonna by them but he he was living in another country but in the hype that they would sort of figure it out that were like oh on peter they would see like boy be like yeah main thing i think taken from being gay is an incredible sense of optimism because we've lived to see the most incredible transformation i'm showing the other day i showed one of my nephews some of the headline he's seventeen now i showed him some of the headlines that were the front page of the sun when we were his age and he literally couldn't believe it was two people bring the police now if the craziest you kip counselor said those things on twitter they would have to stand down right and so i think there's this tell the story in las connections about my friend andrew who in nineteen thousand four hundred was diagnosed as hiv positive he was a leading journalist in the us participant he was living in the us by them and his first thought was i deserve this raise this very hundred culture catholic family and then he left his job and people were just dying all around in this is before protease inhibitors and everything in the participators and he went to province town which is this lovely town at the typical card way he had a house and he basically went to die and he thought could last thing i'm gonna do before i die isn't going to write a book about crazy idea so i didn't know what it ever written a book about he wrote the first book proposing gay marriage i was good but actually normal it's great book and we came out and people savaged him right wing savage tim saying he was not left wing savage the lesbian avengers study should be killed same's like a sell out he was wanting to turn gay people attention.

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