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Hi Kangaroo before let me see if I can remember all six of your names. From the Song Homey hitch them to the sleigh so we can get moving jackaroo easy. Curly Atta Boy Louis. It's okay to you must be smell. Which makes you does? It does hurt head and let's not forget the little fellow in the patch. Good Day Joey. Okay we're all hitched up so if you're done with the petting zoo we you need to bounce. Yeah go come on you lazy boomers. We're already late just thirteen days until Christmas. Eve Start booming coming me I give it a look you may know reindeer but real do you and you made like carrot. Look what I still have in my pocket the rainiest they have a bike. There's plenty to go around. Okay okay. Move on boomers. Would you please be must toward a place called Cockatiel. I told you it would work get reasonable. Good Day nor it's Day eleven on your advent calendars thirteen sunrises until Christmasy as many piper bounce across the land down under I'm here here at Monte missile toes retirement party with the guest of honor himself congratulations Monte. Their Jolly Australia was one of my favorite places to visit as long as you watch out for snakes and spiders in the desert shocks in the ocean to hopefully Piper and many are being careful. I don't know all over the years I've learned. You can be too careful in this life. Also the job of the check twice mission is to observe four kids around the the world report whether they are Naughty and nice important work but it's not so simple. Every mission was different because every kid was different was is that what made the mission difficult to be honest. What made it? The most difficult was the moving off. You Watch born girl. Prepare news celebrate Christmas missing their own way in their own corner of the world and sometimes they need helper. Hope and you just have to keep flying. You can't get help everybody right. No but I've come to believe it's important to try. I shouldn't have all those cookies. Too much booming. Jenin Summers House. How how do you know the letter said they live in a rant? Earth Ralph Verandah Red. Ruth like that Oakland. That's as far as we go. Wide The sleigh behind this big rock formation. We couldn't have done it without you. Desert head okay. Manny you stay here with the kangaroo. I'll go to the house if I can confirm. Jet Is Nice to his kid sister. We can check off our first kid and be on our way we get in we get out without being seen A Kid Hi by the rock you are Jed and you I many and this piper. No I mean hello going you guys must be patched my mom and pawprint towns Tamaki Day. It's just me and Milo system some come inside and have something to drink. We don't get many visitors. We either get any visitors inside. No we can. What are you doing many? We're not interact with the kids of this world it's dead. It's actually Jed I WANNA meet summer. You're listening to me. It's against the rules and we do not have time. I'll bring out water for the boomers and the RDX so nice to many many. Why are you looking at me like that jackaroo? I'm right. She's wrong. We're behind schedule. The list is gone. The RDX overheated. And I'm talking the KANGAROOS. Jed Can we have ele Christmas barbecue money. You'll love it. Look at all this beautiful paper and stamps. Is this all your summer. My auntie boom. I Love Writing Letters. Dry reading them to. I've got the shed a right to all my friends from Old Town. She misses them like crazy. Even have to give away all animals because to Ho. I I still have this. This is going to be the worst Christmas ever but it happened. If really happen happened the letter the letter Jedburg to setup it came true words. What did you ask for a friend Shit Christmas with and do what you'll hear it's going to be? That's if we can take a trip to the beach on Christmas instead. Money can e came state. Christmas hers that another friend for Christmas matting getting many Christmas coming hume by states the barbecue. I'm sorry summer I've loved staying with your voice for the barbecue and for Christmas dismissing Australia but I have to go see I have this mission and forty states. He'll wait eight. Please slow down. Some are come back.

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