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So she threw in a bunch of song titles in when he was narrating the immunity challenge so what we've done is we've taken jeff probst descriptions of the roared challenge immunity challenge and we're going to have a little madeline fund with this because jeff probst can just throw in random phrases like my poor brain in his narration we're going to throw in some random words in his descriptions of the challenges so both current and mike y'all be helping me out filling in some of these parts of speech which we've learned about now i don't know how to do this whole gasol that was totally my head last week guys i were delayed leap through the by my my podcast listening device and and that's not an ever xtrac i will keep attract okay okay get gig i guess you know come on english lessons health let's start all right i need an adjective soft okay an adverb graciously is that right criteria you're a judge that were going to have to go to say i can't wait i can't wait to see like next week on a jordan kayla shoes this week as rubber history the final kinda bounce back and forth give answers as to spain and he ever back and forth very very celebrity jeopardy thing because they're just name any adverb it ends in l y any advert okay i need add to nouns i will go with sentiment now go with our logo with wheelbarrow.

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