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Feel like i was able to put on my professional cap and sort of be objective. You don't even for me. It was even harder. Like i'm texting with the day of the race. And i wanna from my nbc. Had i want to ask her. What the race strategy is. But as a friend. I'm like that's wildly inappropriate. You know so. I think that was a little tricky for me. Like even texting with her sister and i wanted to ask but then i was like no. That's inappropriate like that's a line. You can't cross I think like nbc focuses. A lot on. Emma coburn because emma coburn is a world champion and an olympic medalist. And so it's it's for me. It's it's so fun. Because they are focusing back on her a lot. And yeah. But i mean obviously like i love. Emma and i would have been absolutely devastated if she didn't make the team. I can't i can't be like oh it doesn't even matter. You know i'm totally professional. I wanted her to run really really well. I was super excited to see her. Break the record. But i do try as hard as possible to just like i mixed a you know. Get in that zone. Where i am as a fan. I'm just excited to see people doing incredible things. So let's go back to day one or day. I don't know day zero day. Negative one because you brought it up earlier about how obviously having this role meant wearing the nike shirt being at hayward field which may as well just like have a giant swoosh over the top of it like it is nike town. Even if it's not labeled as such officially you have been anyone who's who knows you heard you on this show or on your own show knows about your history with nike. So you said you're able to put that aside for the role of course but arriving at hayward in walking into that did it trigger anything in you or i don't know what was that like. Yes and that's why again. I'm so glad. I did the show in april because in april. We got like a private tour. We got to go through all this stuff. There's there's so much under the stadium. There's even like a huge history museum under the iron tower and a lot of it was centered around my former coach and former teammate. And i got back to my hotel room. And i was crying so hard. I was like shaking crying. I was definitely upset in called adamy. Talk me off the ledge. Who's like you're the olympics. And that you know he's like you're the only prison strong enough to do this. You can do this. Don't let don't let that affect what you could be and so again like. That was another reason why that i show is so important because when i went back i had already experienced that and i was like. I'm here to do a really good job for these athletes. And i think if if that was my first time arriving at he word and i saw like my former coaches giant photo in the stadium. That would have felt really upsetting. But i had already been through that so it. That doesn't mean it's not weird. You know what they set us. All up at the nike employee store with a huge budget. And i'm like they're like do you want wanna be driven up the car..

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