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Ge- have been a problem at sea. Check airport this week three weapons found in the carry on luggage of passengers and just one day alone. USA spokeswoman lorry-tankers twenty passengers was arrested on a state charge at bringing prohibited item into this area. But TSA has the authority to Levy a civil penalty against these passengers, however Danker says it does not appear that any of them were planning any kind of an attack. You may have seen a lot of smoke filled sky under evening commute last night. It was from a house fire on Seattle's beacon hill. Smoke could be seen for miles away. Firefighters quickly to knock down those flames a home sustained some major damage. Nobody was hurt. Investigators now looking to the cause of that fire and marijuana might be safer for pregnant women with morning sickness and prescription drugs. That's one question university of Washington. Researchers hope to answer as they study the effects of plot. Use on the brains of developing babies looked at a healthy woman who's using marijuana medicinally outside of smoking and drinking and seeing if it actually has an impact on the health of their baby daughter Natalie client, Hans radiology, professor medicine says studies looked at women who drinks mocha use other drugs, and then look at differences between those who did or did not include marijuana. The two year study includes monitoring the mothers all through pregnancy. And then scanning babies brains at six months old. Komo news time nine ten Hitchcock. The latest sports here for the weekend from the Harley exteriors sports desk. Mariners losing the Red Sox fourteen to one that puts Boston of five hundred first time this season and Seattle Seahawks. Signed a pass rusher. That's recovering from shoulder surgery is and saw into one year deal reportedly worth up to thirteen million dollars about four million in incentives. This news comes after word gets out to sea hawks of two of the most iconic players. Doug, Baldwin and Kam chancellor, they failed their physicals three matches and eight days for the Seattle. Sounders starts tonight at CenturyLink field. Take on Houston. This talk huskies fan fest and senior day today for number two husky softball. They play Stanford to wrap up that series. Final score yesterday, by the way, eight zero huskies take that win and husky baseball Washington's struck early and never let up a twelve five win over Utah at husky ballpark fund last night as well, we're bringing sports at ten and forty past the hour here on your home of the huskies. Komo news..

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