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Taylor. But as a gambling man i got gotta look at these to do and who do what they beat. Think this fight with tied to give a great rama's finally a good common opponent. Let's see if ben evita's fix some of those things you don't think he squares up too much. I don't think kayla has enough pop to keep more brian. I think down twice here. Bowl was we we reading too much into scott g so main thing we've scott to get the main thing who scott get it ain't like he fought james for the bell and beat his ass. Not james chose the money he decided by. You think it's more money in that. And that's what he did right. That's how you got the belt and you beat that to look punter. I met at listen. I'm not. I'm not saying wrong. I'm saying that you actually beat somebody that was on a loved one. You did like you. did you. Made him give up the belt because he looked at you like That's more trouble than it's worth. I get more money. Fight chris eubank and that's what he decided to do but you. You didn't actually beat nobody now. I've been watching We'll got thinking bullet me rita. Whatever his name is and joe. He hasn't been looking good dog like david going to stop him. He is going. Stop him. And shit with james. If he don't that's not a good look that's not a good look and then we'll think you of and or pick for plant vitas stop because because again the non-punched drop them twice. I big there and that's cool. But what does that tell us about was Use kotecki banking that. I'm remember remember. remember. I'm banking that david going. Stop them why. Because you've got dropped by non puncher you got dry. He had a gun show. Like his plan being slicker punches land unnoticed as the punches. You don't see he a slick michaela true x. Bro he didn't look only gives only listen. But that's the thing we gotta learn. I mean i say you don't. I'm speaking in general. We have to learn to appreciate fighters more when when i first saw will call dudes bum and maybe true acts would have been the dude on that list. But in retrospect only danny jacobs has been able to stop them and he is the dude that needs to get credit. Because you spoke about the going to fight. Chris eubank but that he beat gale a gold medal. It ain't that. I it ain't like put it this way right. I've seen Aided over the covert last year fight roam around gulu. Some big strong kid. I think that's the kid that beat anything. He seems in game his first wife. And i have high opinion than sims Davis fat dude bro. That's big strong. Do romero roam around. Gulu bre domani Gives belto put hands on on. Espn almost guil- guild. Bernardo's big strong like we're talking about go berta lady faa for five like this giant was a giant at one sixty eight. My point is okay. I think this do stop on google. So way he can stop us kentucky. That's what i'm saying now. Plant you wanna know kayla true ex. And that's us all mocked up us all mocked up. Don't let david hits. You like that is going to be different. Hit like davis caucasian. His skin walks up. Sodas daily and thermal morton where whereas that oh you. Acp tell me. I seen them put that sell me. Is you still get in touch right. So it's not that you it's it's more like you mocked up and it's going show but is showing because you actually did get touched though you would get in touch but caleb tracks so caleb and ain't nothing wrong with him but if kayla touch you like that all right. I know david do worse than that. The worst ness the same shit. It's the same shit was seen. Anthony durell yildirim. Anthony had to work for that shit. I'm like yo man. Oddly touching his guy. If i've knees touching this guy. David go put pause on him when he four david where happy he put the pause on. That's the same logic. I'm using kayla plant if you letting caleb true x. touch you like that and you need twelve rounds to beat them. I don't feel confident. You could keep david off you. 'cause he will come after you and i don't know if you could keep more with twelve i'll go david by knockout if they fight and this is just further proof that you should have been with me campaigning for three five deal because you have david as the savior in the sixty eight. So why wouldn't you want to see him face on three five deal with. I didn't say. I didn't wanna see cannella by david but i'm gonna consumer if the pbc has it. They way i gotta pay three hundred twenty dollars extra year all of that david. Why don't you just go to design and fight over there. They got money. They got more money than you ever may. Acer side david..

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