Ibuprofen discussed on Glenn Beck


It is really well worth any price you're paying for it was a twenty twenty five Bucks in hard cover twenty nine Bucks in hard cover a hundred pages of footnotes and it is it's jaw dropping jaw dropping profiles in corruption certain kinds of pain that things like ibuprofen just don't touch and I mean even the hit you with a rolling pin kind of ibuprofen where you're looking at the doctor no no not eight hundred milligrams of ibuprofen I know can you handle that all I could be strung out for weeks on that one doc you when you have constant and frequent pain of the inflammation in your body sometimes just can't be beaten with eight hundred milligrams of ibuprofen and so what do you do I was talking to a woman who is in my studios yesterday she heard about the relief factor on my program she started taking it she had been on narcotics on on opioids for twelve years because she just could not get off of for them because of her pain they're on Fenton all of all things and your husband said she was just lifeless she was just a you know a zombie most the time she came into my studios yesterday to thank me I like I and everything to do with it she's like no I believe that there could be something else and so I tried it she said I am off all other medication for the first time in twelve years hi.

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