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Emmys, Hollywood, John Singleton discussed on What's Good with Stretch & Bobbito - Regina King


And has won two emmys for her roles in american crime regina king videos on alleged olindo with england regina you've been a part of some of the most iconic films in the hip hop generation poetic justice friday boys in a hut i know this is not new show people come up to you all the time or at least you know some old catch when a nine bless all boys in a hood a pivotal movie not only for you but for the world a coming of age story set in the neighborhood an la with gang violence the first film the john singleton directs and it's been considered part the black film renaissance in hollywood how jokes versus growing up in a late pay you for that role um i mean i think in a huge way because obviously it's la in um i feel like i had such a connection with so many of those people that there were so many life parallels with so many of the actors in the directorproducer uh john singleton that that was just a synergy that could never be duplicated you know you just had all of those people at assert we were all in our 20s we all grew up in la in it was jazz you know that's a special moment where people were bringing their life experiences together to tell the story so were you like at what point were you acting at what point were you not i yuga joke um i would like to say that i was always her home no as here's the thing um i wouldn't say that i was.

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Emmys, Hollywood, John Singleton discussed on What's Good with Stretch & Bobbito - Regina King

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