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Sebastian Gorka, eight sixty a m the answer. Versus. We don't just have great guests in your calls. We will keep you up to date with the latest breaking news here. Utterly facts dot com street at the stadium radio network. It seems as if Mitch McConnell will be tabling a vote on the president's proposal for some kind of legislative protection for three years for the DACA children or the dock recipients in exchange for wall funding. So Mitch is going to table it not only that the White House is saying that the president will be holding his state of the union address where wait and see I think given our meeting with the president last week in the oval. I think we can expect an interesting tweet or two on that subject of the state of the union imminently. But back to our guests, Tom fifth and the president of Judicial Watch follow them at Judicial Watch dot ORG. If you want to support a very worthy cause in terms of drain the swamp you could fund you could give. Some kind of support to Judicial Watch. And also, Tom fitter at Tom fitne-. Double T O N, Tom you are in the midst of suing the State Department over what exactly. Oh, many things, but more most importantly for purposes of this program is that we were doing for the Benghazi talking points information, and it was that lawsuit. That information that lawsuit that forced the government to disclose they've been hiding the Clinton emails from us, the American people congress and everyone else. All these years and just recently fact last month or so judge worth slammed versus federal court judge ruled that look, you know, it's looks to him like he was holding the temperature of the court, and he called it one of the greatest mod modern the census to government transparency and authorized Judicial Watch take discovery on whether or not the Clinton Email system was designed for. And more specifically as well, whether the Benghazi scandal that cover up here, they playing the video rather than the Qaeda terrorists behind it. I was behind one of the reasons that we didn't know about the Clinton emails and the State Department in one searcher records, which is something they were concerned about coming out. Okay. Let's just reiterate this because this is incredibly important. So the allegation is the whole private unsecure Email server that Hillary illegally setup could have been set up to deliberately obviate the freedom of information act requirements for government records when you get discovery does. This mean that we could find some of those missing emails, or is this to do with internal State Department documents that could prove that she was skirting the law. Yeah. I think that what part the discovery might be able to find a key State Department. Witnesses who were who knew about records at the State Department will have to be questioned under oath on. Thank God, he Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes, she's mice before Obama. UN ambassador went on five Sunday morning talk shows and lied about the Benghazi scandal will have to answer our written questions under oath mrS Clinton's lawyer who was involved in destroying half of the Email. She took from the State Department will also testify under out. So I mean, this is just an incredible development for transparency accountability. On this issue. The American people want something done on it. Justice department, actually, tried to thwart our efforts to get these questions answered. This Justice department said the deep sater's, but thankfully, just worse. Lambere discovery start. As soon as the government shutdown ends. We'll get full year here. Well, thank you to judge Lambert. Thank you, especially to you, Tom fitter. And then thank you to your whole team. Chris foul and everybody else. One of the few people outside government that is fighting the Obama. Holdovers the swamp dwellers and those who simply do not wish to be held accountable. Please follow Tom fit.

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