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To norms and we'll put you in the running to roll like a vip in vegas show speedy of the olympics have you seen that yeah the ratings are off the she no no i haven't watched any neither of i i mean i hear i i've got an app that i you could just watch highlights some like why wouldn't i just do that i don't want to sit wants all the boring performances but we'll see how the ukraine ways and did you see at north korea's competing have you seen that i did i mean they got some great figure skaters unlike they're not eating bark they looked really good so are they a military state where they just you know if you're if you're a growing uh potential to be an athletes represent the country do they treat you like a king of everyone else's eating bark well i think they kind of size you up from the moment the eddie bitty the i say okay you got the body as someone who could be a figure skater go over there and then they were fatty and they say okay easy will be sumo wrestling or eaten by kim jongun right though their hollis over there yeah sit in that boiling pot of vaw water with garlic vegetables not lights uh any of the performance is live not one now you have an either so that i have it that's why the numbers are down obviously and i i used to watch especially the lillehammer olympics absolutely bigtime appointment tv lillehammer was eight why because the you'll relied it was tanya is there an area yeah and so people like us who don't necessarily care about allowed the sports brought into the story lie yeah maybe that's it and i love watching figure skating but it's funny i like watching the theme males i don't really care about like pairs or i don't know uh but at we're not alone i mean it is i haven't talked to anyone has been watching not one person's excited in and i'm wondering if it's because back when i love watching the olympics it was really only three networks may be fox was just you know coming cable tv was wasn't even round that so i think that it was a really important appointment television that you wanted to watch you.

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