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Looking back. I don't know if I would trade that for the world, I wouldn't rather have been anywhere else on this whole year happened in the spring of twenty five a construction worker named Nick Garo went to an open try out for baseball team the scene DA goes surf dogs. That's DA w g s in the brand new professional league known as the Golden League told myself, I was done with baseball. I told myself that this wasn't the live. I want anymore and couple years later. I get I get that phone call from Brian Qendra my coach at the time. And he's like, hey, man. There's a trial coming up. You got to go play. You gotta go play. I know you can still play Matt. So he showed up at spring training. And on the first day. Another catcher comes up to me. And she's I gotta catch glove on Tuesday. Hey, man, you got you want. You got someone to play catch with house? Like now, we're heading to the line. And then right around that time, she cameras you see this entre. Nick just stood there stunned. I just look bigly yet his glasses. You look old school though. I'll say that he had the same here. He had the same style. There's a presence does a charisma. There's a there's something you can't help. But look walking straight toward Nick was Ricky Henderson. Ricky Henderson is just a great ball player. I just think I'm gonna big part of the club and everybody. Depend on me. All the way to plan is Ricky way a plan RIC, Kansas and just a great story. Good a bad. The greatest leadoff man of all time. Ten time all star two time World Series champion American League MVP and one of the best power hitters game. Fly all the left field. He's carrying..

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