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Teeth and clause and wings any more in order to produce really kind of skewed outcomes so we absolutely have to catch up to this problem in robust mathematical anz and quantitative ways there are judges who were admit that they they are not phobic that they actually i remember there was an article about a judge who loves to write code the judges just because their lawyers are on the courthouse don't mean doesn't mean that they don't understand that book in many of my loved ones or lawyers i have nothing but respect for uh my mom isn't us send their minds monza judge mom is a judge so i have nothing but respect for the potential seoul of lawyers and judges to understand math and when i was reporting my story for fivethirtyeight i talk to people about what potential know solutions or improvements might be ah and they can appointed in a few different directions one was just education legal education i mean way back in eighteen ninety seven oliver wendell holmes gives us very famous speech called the path of the law where he says the the future of the legal thinkers the man of statistics and the man of economics and i don't think we've come that far since oliver wendell holmes gave that speech but i think more and more more economic statistics empirical analysis is creeping in two legal education i think that's a great first step as the world becomes more empirical or at least we understand that more empirically and and to i think you know each justice has a number of clerks right who help them through the legal thinking and the opinion writing why not why not having pure gold clerks why not have some trusted advisers for the court for the justices to help them understand or parcel or think through the the empirical evidence in addition to the purely legal arguments i think we're going to leave it there kosir molest moon you have something to add to that well well i yeah i did want to add one thing to that which is i think it's easy to get alarmed when we see the justices seem may be scared of math in statistics but remember the it's the is the child court at which that the facts are supposed to be decided and we have federal rules of evidence we have standards for experts and the more that experts can appeal.

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