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December twenty first the first day of winter it's also the shortest day of the year good morning I'm Robert Wilensky live in that of USB twenty four hour news center with our top story this hour knew this hour we learned that the co founder and chairman of the board of Atlanta's Shepard center James Sheppard has passed away the shepherd center was founded back in the seventies and specializes in spinal cord and brain injury rehab along with medical research and is a top ten rehab hospital in the country again James Sheppard to the co founder of that operation has died well right now it is forty two degrees here on Peachtree street we're going up to a high of fifty three channel two action news meteorologist Brad Nitz has of line is most accurate and dependable forecast coming right up well many of you on the move today ahead of Christmas the centers are expected to arrive depart or connected Hartsfield Jackson International Airport the world's busiest this one tells channel two action news she's making the most of it hi good family bonding time around the country TSA says more than forty two million will go through security that's up nearly five percent from last year a hundred five million people will be driving that's up nearly four million people that's W. SP Cheryl Castro in hall county the sheriff and his deputies in the Christmas spirit imagine the whole county sheriff in what looks like a dozen of his deputies spreading through the aisles at Walmart sheriff's spokesman during both says with money raised by the optimist club and a list from the share of school resource officers they went coach shopping for thirty six elementary school kids and along the way picked up the Christmas spirit for free get there and then get there and everybody just kind of was in a good mood and a good spirit I I left there and I know most of our he's left there just feeling good it just put a smile on your face Veronica waters ninety five point five WSP local news every thirty minutes and when it breaks ninety five point five W. S. B.'s depend on it well the first family the trumps in Florida for Christmas and new years house speaker Nancy Pelosi has not yet sent the two articles of impeachment to the Senate before leaving for the holiday break Pelosi inviting president trump to the house to deliver the state of the union address here's ABC's Jonathan Karl White House put out a statement saying simply the president has accepted the speaker's invitation meanwhile the top lawyer here at the White House spent the day preparing for the Senate trial visiting the Senate chamber I'm Jeannie do pre in Washington the date for the state of the union address would be February the fourth which is the day after the Iowa caucuses it also might be right in the middle of an impeachment trial involving president trump back in nineteen ninety nine Bill Clinton gave a state of the union during his Senate impeachment trial so it's been done before sports the celebration ball today at noon at Mercedes Benz stadium Alcorn state versus North Carolina a and T. WSB news time ten oh three traffic and weather next check back often for breaking news weather and traffic updates all weekend and all through the holidays on WSB and every recipe radio out next week at Atlanta's twenty news find out early each day if you can.

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