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The hallmark of the honeybee health coalition. I really liked it. And i think i think the fact that you as a beekeeper need to be able to look at all four of those problems. I can't solve if i saw varroa and my beezer starving. I still haven't solved my big bigger problem. What i asked you. Which we've mrs anything else. No i don't think so just you know. This is something that were really passionate about. And what a great opportunity to chat about this to a much broader audience so really appreciate the opportunity to come on here today and talk about too well kept secrets behind coalition and the being butterfly habitat on who good at. We're glad to be able to do. Share this information with all of our listeners. And when you get a chance listeners. Go to our webpage and there will be links to the honeybee health coalition and to be in butterfly fund and a lot of other ones too. But certainly these two are worth looking and and when you get to the honeybee health coalition. Look at all of it. Because there's a ton of information they're not just nutrition but on roy management and all sorts of things so being part of that being a integral part of that orgnization is is a good thing to be related to pete. Thank you for everything today. We appreciate you being here. Go save a butterfly very good. Thanks keep in touch and let us know how the pm butterfly funds habitat funded going and before having updates absolutely would love to lumper's splitter. I like that term. I'm gonna have to start. Start using that if i can only remember lumper's and not a split or groupers inada splitters. I like i like them both. But it certainly. It certainly describes what they're doing. Very well i think the whole honeybee health coalitions. Yeah yeah that's really good boy. They get to hanson everything and and and being able to find hanson agricultural and trying to get the most out of the agricultural lands and the cps was the c. p. c. r. p. p. last fishing reserve program really big and working with those folks it is and and you made the good point conservation reserve program is basically set out to take land that is not ideal farmland and give it a rest and and you can give it a rest by putting something the bees can or you can put grass on it in our choices always something bees and if they can get that organized what did you say. Twenty four twenty eight million acres. I can't imagine twenty million acres of of some kind of legumes that that bees could eat. That would save the soil the soil and feed bs at the same time i agree. I can't imagine it'd be great and in a way it also. It helps everybody. It helps not only honeybees but all pollinators which we know that helps honeybees so. Well he been you know when we were talking to him before we started this today. One of the one of the terms that he uses as it floats all boats. And and you know if you improve improve. Twenty eight million acres of crp land. The be beekeepers improved. The native pollinators are improved. The farmer the soil All of those things get better and and and none of them get worse Nobody suffer so somebody else can advance so This is the way it should be. I agree well that about wraps it up for this episode before we go. I want our listeners. Rate is five stars on apple podcast wherever you download and stream to show your vote helps other beekeepers find us quicker even better rider view and let other beekeepers looking for a new podcast. Know what you like. You can get there directly from our website by clicking on reviews along top of any webpage as always we think tea culture magazine american beekeeping for their continued support of the beekeeping. Today podcast we wanna thank. Regular episodes sponsored global patties. Check them out at. Www dot global patties dot com one. Thanks john microbials. For their support of podcast jack. Up their climate dot strong microbial dot com. We wanna thank better be joining the soup and the supporter check out. All of their freight keeping supplies at www dot better be dot com. We wanna thank our latest supporter hive alive checkout their products of honeybee health products at www high of live dot com and finally. Wanna thank you the beekeeping today podcast listener for joining us on this show. Feel free to send us questions and comments that question beekeeping today podcast dot com. We'd love to hear anything else. We should mention kim wall to say it again questions. You got a question. You wanna know more about peter the honeybee health coalition or any of the topics that we talked to borrow some. We haven't talked about. Send us a note that you can do it verbally on hotline on a webpage or you can send us an email do in fact have. There's there's a guest you'd like to have on the show. Let us know that too. Yeah good good all right. Thanks thanks everybody..

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