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What we want to do. The red crosses, prepositioning food, water and other emergency supplies in New Orleans area hotels for NPR News. I'm Paul Braun inbound room. While climate change has the presidential campaigns attention Corona virus pandemic remains front and center. This election. Here's NPR's Mara lies and how you feel about the pandemic is now the front line of the Culture war. Do you think it was once a hoax, then it was really now it's over, which is kind of Trump's view. Or do you think that you should be socially distancing and following the administration's own guidelines? About large gatherings. NPR's Mara Liasson reporting. All the U. S is confirming more than 6.5 million people have been infected or are infected with Corona virus in the U. S more than 194,000. People in this country have died. NPR's Alison Aubrey reports, even though the virus is still circulating widely, new cases are down significantly. Over the last week or so. There have been about 35,000 new cases documented per day, which is a significant decrease compared to the 60,000 cases per day. Back in July. Deaths and hospitalizations were declining to so there are signs of improvement. But the pandemic is not behind us As we head into fall, many infectious disease experts say there's a good chance we'll see an increase in cases as people spend more time congregated inside. So experts say it's important to remain vigilant with social distancing. Unmasking. Alison Aubrey NPR NEWS This is NPR live from the news on Brian Watt Weather Forecasters say the Bay Area could start to see some gradual improvement in air quality. Today. The National Weather Service is smoke and haze should persist here. And it's expected to be another unhealthy air day. But increasing winds could start to push some of the smoke out and throughout the rest of the week. Over 100 physicians and researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine have written an open letter to the university community denouncing former colleague and current White House adviser Dr Scott Atlas videos. Julie Chang has more The author's called Out atlases, quote, falsehoods and misrepresentations of science around the Corona virus, citing a moral and ethical responsibility under the Hippocratic Oath Atlas, a radiologist and former Stanford professor joint, the White House Corona Virus Task force. Last month he's been criticized after multiple news outlets reported that he advocated for a herd immunity strategy to speed up re opening. Dr. Ruby Thing is a division chief for infectious diseases at Stanford and says such a strategy could lead to more deaths and overwhelm hospitals. Singh signed the letter and said, it's important for people to hear from infectious disease and immunology experts. We were trying very hard not to make this about anyone statement in any one person, but about the science that really has to drive us forward. We have evidence that masks work. We have evidence that social distancing works our hope our plea Our colleagues and the community is to let science taken course. A Stanford Medicine spokesperson said they have no formal comment on the issue and that they support the freedom of the faculty to voice their positions. Atlas did not respond to a request for comment. I'm Julie Chang News There is more at dot org's on Brian. What Support comes from Bridge Bank, a division of Western Alliance bank, offering.

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