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I mean, there's no doubt about it. She was. You ever hear that a Hank Williams song, blues man? Yeah, day that's what it felt like we dance to that song. That's exactly what, yeah. You know it's hard man. There's a certain element of lifestyle to do what you've done. I mean, you have massive amounts sometimes of time on your hand and boredom and what are we going to do and then it's onto the next onto the next onto the next, how do you kill that and kinda dull the senses a little bit, and how do you relax because you remind always working and you know, how can you go out and meet hundreds and even thousands of strangers on a regular basis and try to be friendly and small talk and be the guy they came to see and it's like, you know, how do you? How do you decompress from that? Different people have their different ways and sure. Well, that that and the the rush of being on stage, you know how that is mayor. You come off stage and your way up in the clouds, you know, like, oh my gosh. Then I always had like, I want keep this going, you know? Yeah. And it just kind of snowballed that adrenaline comes down. You're like, what do I do this now? Yeah, yeah, that's crazy. Yeah, I don't like telling people though that I quit drinking and the only reason is because I don't know what tomorrow's, you know. So like I, I try. I try to be like, yeah, I did, but don't you know. You're, you're a human, you're human being well, I'm, I just don't want to be somebody's role model and then the whole thing don't look up to Reno. Model. If you're listening to the Chad Prager show podcast, don't look up to Reno, right? Laugh at Reno, direct. I still throw eggs at hookers. Don't rock and hit them. Yeah, you should. You should have d- shirts made new merch line for Reno call your don't look up. Torino don't look up to me. The middle of the back. I throw eggs and hookers. That really is kind of funny exit chicks. There. It is. But now you've done good. I mean, you've done good in you look good, you lost weight. I mean, you don't look like he gets stung by be. That was allergic to be right. I feel better. We played. So for folks who don't know, we're both exhausted because we played an all day golf tournament today for benefit you do soldiers child, which is a fantastic organization. You guys need to check out and support, but we were out there in the sun. I haven't swung a golf club in nine months. Will you tore your by by Soviet? I have not supposed to be doing even what I did today, but I did it. Did it headphone made some putts it's, oh, yeah, draining pus. I think I made. I think I made about fifteen of eighteen. But I was nailing it, man. I pretty good. I did at least a dozen of them, but I hate to come all the way here to do it to blast. I, you know. 'cause you had asked me to come last year and I already was had something going on. I said, I'd come this year. I'm a man of my word green. Actually, as I said that to sandy I said, a lot of guys go, oh, no. Next year I will. And then they don't. And you're like next year? I will. And then I was like, hey, man, I love to invite you and you're like, I'm there and you showed up. Before the, of course it's easy to Nashville. So it's, you know, I love coming here. I mean, it's not like I mean, I've just been at your house for two days. Now a moving in come home. I mean, y'all are going to be out of town the night, you know, hey, what's up. Call. For you. Make sure the pantry stay stocked, but now it's been great. Hospitality has been good. We have some great great people out there in credit. Wayne Boyd I was. I always remember his name is Craig something, but it's like when you have all those names anyway, he did. He saying they'll rugged cross tonight on, are they auctioned out?.

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