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Everybody. This is Kate Que outdoor show. I'm Bob Simms. Thank you for tuning in this morning. There's been some changes this week. In most areas, there's West smoke. It seems like a new life. After months of the whole North state and even Mohr being covered with smoke, you forget how much you appreciate a little blue sky now and then. Other changes for the better is the number of salmon coming up to Sacramento River. Uh and we're not. We're not at his peak at all. I'm not convinced. A lot of the salmon coming up the Sacramento River right now are destined for the American. I think it's too early for that. The American River Fish come in later, usually about the you know about the middle of October. We're almost a month away from that. And you have to remember this as we go through the program and talk about salmon fishing today, every single salmon run in every river this year has been late, and that's true UPIN, the rogue River and Oregon So it's kind of a question, Mark. You know this is we're at the point. We don't know if they're going to come or they're just late. Course we we have that every year. When we went fishing slows down a little bit, but this year, I think there's really something to it, because if you recall there really came in very, very late in the Klamath River, and just last Monday, remember, we were talking Saturday. Where they just came out with the release that the lower clam up that means below the witch peck Bridge on the clamor for the trinity dumps in us about 40 miles up River. 45 miles. That was that was going to be closed because they reach their quota. And that was going to be closed Monday night. So you could fish the river Monday. Will they fished a river Monday. And a whole new school of fish came in. It was obvious new schools of salmon never come in after the middle of October on the climate, they're already in the river. So that's one indication, another indication The fishing in the Sacramento River up, Uh, in both above and below Red Bluff is not what it normally is. By this time of year, your going out. You're working hard. The guides are getting One or two fish a day. If that some days, it just shuts off course. That's not unusual. Because right down here in the Sacramento River, you know you have some days You've been doing good all week. And all of a sudden, not only you're not catching a fish, but nobody else you see up and down the river that is salmon fishing, so We still have a few unanswered questions with regard to salmon. But you know each week will gnome or the fact is, there's more fish in the river this week than there were last, and they are catching him from Sacramento down the aisle, and we'll get reports there today. Um On the clam with itself. You know, they're relegated now to the jack salmon, which 23 inches and under. Now you can go out and fish for those You're gonna hook a big salmon now and then, But you have to release it so I'm not sure why they do that. I guess it's to at least keep alive some sport fishing in the lower climate with the jacks, So I mean the Jackson coming up. They're immature fish. You're going to go up. There's still going to die. So it's a waste of resource. In one case, so why not open him up? But why stress the larger fish? It's a question, but at least you can go do that. If you don't want to keep any big Sam on the jacks are great eating. But where? Nothing wrong without um the steelhead, uh, are Not in the lower Klamath at all. They are upriver. They're filtering up through the trinity filtering up to the clam up and we're not going to do too much. A report there because, like right now, happy Camp that huge fire up there. Is right that literally burned up part of the edge of town of Happy Camp. They're trying to keep it on that side of the highway. Uh, it's a bad situation. They have the road closed up there so We'll wait till they get that in control before we we talk more about that with the Trinity. I'm not too sure. But it's early in the season. There's no no no reason to rush that. And you know, to be honest where there's fires in an area. I still wouldn't venture into that. You've just become part of the problem if you do so, um They're still there were trace an albacore this week, but I think the weather just current turned kind of nasty. Ah, we'll find out in a little bit, uh, the Bay area fishing. Bayer efficient just plugs along there still catching a few salmon. We're catching hell of it. The hell of it. Just don't go Don't want to go away. This is this has got to be the greatest halibut year ever. I've never seen anything like it. I hope now Halibut is very cyclical. We can never hope for this kind of a year every year. Even if nobody fishes form. They're still sick. The goal so, but hopefully we'll get another good year out of it before it starts dropping off a little bit. Ah, the Feather River is going through some kind of a weird phenomena here. There's plenty of fish in that upper river. They're just not hitting and I don't know what else to blame. I accept the water is very, very low. It's very low. Now. They're starting to hold backwater, Teo, you know, because we don't know what kind of range we're going to get..

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