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Demanded a lawyer and a Gatorade Rieger was honored in Washington this week for capturing one of America's most wanted but seemed most excited by his athletic feet quote chasing Raphael made me beat my personal record by thirty minutes told reporters so that's sweet justice FBI agent tracks down a wanted criminal over the course of the Chicago it's good for him your last story of someone on the run comes from Peter Gross look if you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you've ever wanted in one moment would you capture it that's the question seven hundred runners forced to ask themselves this weekend at the Detroit half earth on the thirteen point one mile racist popular with locals and it's usually a pretty traditional event people sign up they run their nipples bleed only half as much as they wouldn't have full marathon and everyone goes home happy but this year the race was held on the birthday of Rapper in Detroit Native Eminem and a group of local runners and fans who call themselves the Marshall Marathon I wanted to pay tribute so when they passed the racist eight Mile Marker which just happened to be at the famous eight mile road lent its name to Eminem's movie eight mile appreciate it and eminem themed flash mob that stopped the marathon dead in its tracks the glass of the famous song for that movie lose yourself over the massive PA system then the Marshall marathoners quickly changed out of their tank tops skimpy lycra shorts and got us to costume some donning the ICONIC EMINEM white t shirt and jeans while others wore outfits that referenced the songs wchs there were some MCI pfeiffer some pipers and more than the few sweaters covered in spaghetti and everyone loved it flush with civic pride the rest of the runners joined in the celebration no one even finish the race well no one that is except for fifty five year old Douglas Strategy who didn't even notice when the commotion broke out because he was sucking wind and listening to lose yourself on a loop on his ipod strategy finished with a time of two hours fifteen minutes an amazing time for a full marathon but the slowest winning time in the andy three year history of the Detroit half all right so you had from Roy Blunt in your the story of a man who ran a race bib that's Jesus saves he collapsed and was saved by a man named Jesus from Roxana an FBI agent who ran down and his suspect over the course of the Chicago Marathon or from Peter Gross guy who won the Detroit half within time of two fifteen because everybody else was stuck at eight while enjoying the music of Eminem which of these is the real story of an event at eight of a race I'm going with a because eh somebody stopping somebody about on because that's what it is is a nice sort of Good Samaritan that angle there well to bring you the real story we spoke to one of the people who was involved in it on my raped by had to say the Tyler Moon who was in fact the runner saved by a man named Jesus or Hey seuss congratulations and you got it right you earn two point for Roy Union for telling the Truth and you've won a prize the voice of your choice on your voicemail thank you so much thank you and now the game where we ask smart people dumb questions it's called not my job you know the old cliche about the brilliant elitists coming up with a new idea and all the old stodgy scientists say you're crazy that's actually what happened to biologists Leonid Carney back in the early eighties when she first suggested studying the treetop canopy of the rainforest it's just leaves up there they said at the academy Professor Nadkarni ended up founding aw news school of biology she joins us now now leaning at Kearney welcome to wait wait don't tell thank you very Mac we read that's what happened that you were like you really should study what's going on at the tops of these trees and everybody was like why why what's up there well it was like that scientists are supposed to discover the unknown and I am a scientist I'm really assigned I'm a Geek I mean in high school I was a member of the Latin scrabble club that's Geeky even for NPR I'm an NPR NPR nerdy were studying science fine but how did you get interested in the tree canopy so when we ascend into the canopy we really have access to a completely different pulled up there it's a different micro-climate more sunlight more variations in relative humidity and a whole panoply of plants and animals that have adapted to live up there when you were the first scientist to actually go up did you find like all these unique animals going damage she found actually what I did what does happen sometimes is that you really make vacations of animals that you can't make on the forest floor for example sometimes if you sit up there very quietly you see this white form coming towards your side and W. here in your ear Adler the new what was your reaction to that I said that I'm already married. the husband he is he's also a biologist and he studies aunt yes he does actually we met because I studied the canopy he was we're both graduate students he came to my field site and he said to me in this just such a charming quiet voice he said you know I really want to know if their ants in the Canon V and so I had to teach him how to climb the fell in love and when he proposed he said he would name an ant after me did he he did it took him in years but he did what is the aunt the aunt name is PROCR- pastas Malini oh a name lenient itself easily species I wish that he was like I you know I know there's no aunts up there I was hitting on you I just wanted to climb a tree that's term I assume that the only way treetops it'd be scientists in an aunt scientists could meet with tragic fall but no that didn't have and it was the other way you went out there anything in particular about the ant Malini species well he does it yes he calls it an elegant canopy aunt it's slim it's Nimble and occurs in the canopy so that is it yes I have to ask about Treetop Barbie yes which is something that you invented yes so tell me about that L. I grew up climbing trees as I said in suburban Maryland and my students and I began thinking how can we inspire young girls to climb trees into treasure the way the way I do and we know that little many little girls treasure Barbie for whatever reason and so we thought perhaps getting treetop Barbie making a Barbie that that has the clothes that I wear in the in the canopy and in the field of the helmet little crossbow little booklet that that his way bruce what Ross Bo- we have to get the ropes up there somehow so you invented a Barbie that was dressed as a tree top scientist yes and what did the Mattel company have to say about this well I did call them I offered them the idea I thought it would be just fabulous Mattel to have it sold and toys R. US and so forth and they were not interested for some reason I couldn't understand that so we just decided in our lab we can make them ourselves we bought used barbies from goodwill we head volunteer seamstresses make the little clothing there were some challenges like the big hair wouldn't fit under the little helmets rob and her high heel feet boots wouldn't stay on and we did try ground support Ken but that turned out not to be a big seller run my husband hates ground support for of journalists who might be interested in knowing that Mattel is not interested in having a a brown woman encourage young girls to go into science and discovery they say that while holding your crossbow the amazing thing is just last year I got a call from national geographic and they have partnered with Mattel and they have now produced five explorer barbies which is fabulous is one of them something right the Treetop Barbie I think there wasn't a big enough market for Hey I have this little barbie she looks like me about thirty years ago sure but but take it well the lenient Nadkarni we've invited you here to play a game we're calling joining us open the trees for Canapes Yep that's what we went we use the tree canopy we thought we'd ask you about canapes those treats usually around during cocktail hour before dinner answer to questions about canapes and you'll win are priced one of our listeners. The Voice of their choice on their voicemail bill who is Malini Nadkarni playing more have their Hurley in Washington DC all right here's your first question the origin of the word Canape is surprising what is it a it's named after Claude can ah French cook so legendarily awful people could only eat one bite of his food be it comes from the Greek word for Mosquito uh or see the original pronunciation is can ape as in Kenan AP it is that a be all right I will say be yes it is it's a very bizarre ready here we go yeah. The Greek word for mosquito is CANOVA's which became canopy which became the word for the screen around a couch to keep out mosquito does but in French that became the word four couch and somebody thought a piece of toast with some spread on it looked like a couch so canape the language is weird here's your next question taste in canopies change over time which of these was a real appetizer you might have been offered at a swanky Party in the one thousand nine hundred sixties is it a hot dog nutty fritters be pruned nuggets supreme Z. Kidney toasts I'm thinking a thinking a hotdog nutty fritters that sounds like that's wrong I I think I'll say see I really meant to say see they misled you it was eh if you want to throw a big summer party by the pool back in the day again you might have served which of these delicious hot weather canapes a a single cold potato be frozen pork beans and ketchup POPs were sea herring ice cream bites be I think but in your friends will never forget bill how did Malini do in our quits well no one has enjoyed winning more than yeah she did win do other three what it better this or the acceptance of your theories.

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