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Now on WBZ newsradio ten thirty in New Hampshire three state lawmakers are in self quarantine because of possible exposure to the corona virus so far five people have tested positive in the granite state this is the World Health Organization declares cove in nineteen a pandemic I spoke this morning with Boston mayor Marty Walsh in Boston nineteen crow this number represents the cases in Boston as of Tuesday night and we're waiting to hear from potentially anymore canyon no new cases from the department public out of date he also addressed community spread it's happening there is evidence of right now all the violence in western mass but there's no evidence as of right now between the transmission of box opting ten public schools were closed for the day today as well I'm Laurie curbing W. RKO the voice of Boston I heart radio station so I can say we will see more cases and things will get worse how much worse will get and on thanks to contain influx we were inspected coming from the outside we need to contain the within our own country bottom line it's going to get worse I don't want doctor people get mad at me every time I say that how do you could say that a lot this week about you reminds me of doctor Fauci reminds me of like these NFL experts oh boy here we go like let's go.

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