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The whole thing jumped on the judges table. I was jumping flying around at the CIA thought. I did pretty good at the CIA to be honest with you, and then I got not that good a score. I got a seven, six and seven, and I did make it through, which is good, but I don't know. Maybe I didn't do as well as I thought. Because for me, I hit every step that I was supposed to end the Chow part, but we knew it was going to be a risk. We knew that doing something big and flashy for the cha-cha which is a pretty serious like. Was kind of risky, we're we're kind of doing something without people would like, and maybe the judges would, but I agree with my partner because she choreographed it. We kind of pick the song together and then she was like, let's go for it. MC hammer at up, and I was like, let's wear the chains. And so we made those decisions consciously. And I think that hurt us in the scoring, but hopefully people like to because I felt I danced as good as I've ever danced frankly, last night too fast. On your thoughts on last night, you're still wearing your MC hammer cross necklace. This is not my MC hammer cross necklace that it's a cross necklace, but it's not MC him. I've put as part of my MCM across necklaces. Oh, okay. Yeah. So here's here you another real story. I do. So you know, I was talking about a friend of mine and she was talking about she had close family members that had passed away and that she called up. Here here I was thinking you were just still an MC hammer mode and you're wearing this like fake MC, hammer jewelry, and now really has special meaning, and I feel awful. So don't we didn't know it is gold. Really didn't know. I swear so carry on please. She was talking how she talks to her specific angels. She thinks that she had a parent the passed away. She had another close relative passed away, and I thought, you know what, I think that's fantastic. I don't like to ask anybody for anything ever, and I thought I should talk to my mom who's not here, and my grandmother is not here, and so my grandmother had crosses an every room. And so I was like, you know what? I'm gonna wear cross and AMC hammer close, and I'm going to call a my own angels and see if they'll help me out. And so that's what this is and so it. But it does look like MC hammer across. Okay, don't feel bad. It's super gold, but but that's what the cross reminds me of my grandmother who's not here who adopted me and raised me for a while. That's awesome. But yeah, it is really gold though. Yeah, super gold. So yeah, that's what that is..

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