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Will. The state cap. It's a lewd act is what lewd act allude Richie says he found out about it in the eldest institute parking lot in sandy fifteen hundred dollar fine. You had a lewd act. Oh. He disorder notes. Thank you. Little Cottonwood canyon is now open up to the b gate, but chains or four wheel drive are still required that earlier accident with a semi blowing the tire I fifteen southbound at two fifty north. Thank you friends with the program for informing me that that's been cleaned up. And out of the way, it looks like things are moving pretty smoothly. Really? Yep. If you're in an accident. The first thing you should do is contact the advocates. Remember, they don't get paid until you go to Utah advocates dot com. For more information you deserve. Let's see we've got Boehner's round two. Oh, come on. Sorry. Well, we'll tell you what they are coming up in a minute. What can I tell you about the best DJ in Utah? I'll tell you right after that. Okay. And I guess he's the best DJ in Colorado or soon to be he just booked a is it a wedding Richy riches doing you'd think they'd have their own DJ's in in Colorado. But that's not the best DJ. He's soon to be. He doesn't just do, weddings. They'll do work parties family parties. So why why should you hire Richie instead of just having your cousin.

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