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We're even the sinking has an issues like or even. The Studio Mike goes through the mixer. Round does tons of things plugged into the trike pastor. And then you guys are coming in and other channel and it's you know it all ends up in the trash caster says he's I know what you've sent me. I'm going to try to keep it internally linked up but if it doesn't if it's if it's you know it's lagging or ahead when it hits me there's nothing I can do about it. You know you can buy expensive the atomic clocks and all kinds of crazy things to try to keep things inked up but he has never. It's never perfect and I always say that audiences were forgive Abia for your video but they won't forgive you for the audio has been s nail be nailed all the time so rob okay. Yeah I was just going to gauge so you guys allowing for a person to capture the audio separate from the video at all or is that something that you guys have thought about yes recently. We added Recording it's only on the paid versions of Stream Yard but If if you're on on one of the paid plans automatically records every single one of your strength and the main reason we added that is for repurposing. So yeah so after the streams over you can just download a single audio file or the entire. MP for Avenue and it's something we'd like to add something we we want to continue to to improve. I know multi-track is important to some people. So that's something that we're we're considering. Our number one priority is just to get the best quality possible out of it. So that's sort of alluded to it before we thought we'd like to make two on the engineering caps and do some fancy stuff. Where even if you don't have a great Internet connection the audio and video feed we'll still be great because it is cloud recording right? It's not local so if it's local you don't have to worry about network issues since we're recording in the cloud if you have a porn travel be reflected in the recording. Yeah so that's something we'd like to continue.

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