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To the all new sick and tired of being sick and tired. I'm Rachel ash here with my co host ashed center medical director, an internist Dr Alison pied itch. We have been talking with Dr Pye today about adrenal support adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue. And we're right now before we cut to the break we've been talking about adapted jen's they are plants used for healing abilities to help with adrenal support at adrenal fatigue. And we just we're talking about ginseng sing, I recommend it. When you're going through those acute stressful situations. I also think that getting through a tea is a fantastic option to get it as well. Yeah. And I think that's about it. That's going to another popular adapted in a rodeo Ola. So rodeo la- it's also called a golden route. I think also comes from a plant so where deal is one of my favorite adopted ins, and that's because it increases cortisol. So that's for the people with adrenal insufficiency. Now what I like about road. Rodeo Ola is has the least amount of interactions at almost no interactions with any other medications or other supplements. Ginseng, people can have some I've had people have sensitivities saying racing heart allergic reactions to it very few. But I've seen it before Virgil is one that really does very well with everything else that you're taking right? And and just like you either rodeo low Jin saying or some of the other ones, I ratio ginger that will get to a little bit later on. We all need to be tested to figure out specifically what we need because adapted and some of them can increase your cortisol. Some can. Decrease. So it's not a catchall for everybody. And it's really important to know which ones you need to be on. So some being evaluated properly, by physicians such as Dr Pye ditch or somebody who who operates in the more functional medicine world can figure out what exactly you should be on. And what you shouldn't be taking which is really important. Yeah. So the rodeo Ola there were some trials done in Sweden a few years ago, and what they found was that people suffering with the stress related fatigue. Which is another way of how they describe adrenal insufficiency is what they showed in the research is that giving a repeat administration of rodeo Ola exerts an anti fatigue effect that increases mental performance, especially in ability to concentrate in helps with the response in awakening, not stress. Burnout people get with fatigue syndrome. So that's really the classic adrenal insufficiency patience as well. So it makes you more wake it helps you concentrate helps you sort of get through your day get that cortisol going and the most important thing too is taking it in the morning. Rodeo only ever take it in the morning and maybe early afternoon sometimes referred to as the herb of invincibility. Yes. So the they did find that. It's you know, I don't think it's I don't know if it's on the list of of herbs you're not allowed to have for the Olympics. They did we're not sure I'm not sure that's something. I so if one of you guys can look it up and let me know. But it's found that Russians are giving we're giving it to their astronauts and their Olympic athletes because of its remarkable properties of increasing cortisol levels, right and increasing your energy levels, in alertness, and if you're more alert, obviously, you're going to be a better athlete. The thing about these adopted into is that when we're saying increases cortisol decreases cortisol, but the whole thing about it is that it actually balances cortisol. So if your quota sells low it's going to increase it to a balance, it's not going to overdo it. It's not going to say it, exactly. That's the really important thing was we're getting your cortisol backup to just a study state. And the good thing too. Is that these actually help heal the adrenal glands? So these aren't things you're going to be on forever. It's just in the meantime, as we're healing the pure essentials adrenal support has a rodeo obey Senate. And that's something that we really like to recommend for patients with adrenal fatigue in drill. All my patients will end up on this medication after testing, of course, sure that this is what they need. But it's this is one of the biggest impacts on people's health, and they're just general wellbeing and functioning every day. This has icy has the biggest impact. Yeah. And it's a it's just a really potent high-quality nutraceutical supplement from pure essentials. It is called adrenal support. And it's available either through the centre or you can go on on their website, and it's pure hyphen essentials dot com, but you can go and see and just everything that's in it. But it's a really effective way to get some of these adapted Jains and get your adrenal re-regulated. So let's get to another really popular one ginger so ginger is another adopted in that is using traditional Chinese medicine the user for like, insomnia fatigue. Muscle spasms. And we realized overtime. It's another classic adopted Jin as well in Germany. So in Europe, it's it is a medically for conventional medicine approved for chronic fatigue syndrome for helping current teacher syndrome, and you know, what it helps with helps with concentration it really helps with gut health as well too. But one of the best things that helps with is the immune system and immune system repair. So when we when I said different adopted Jains do different things, and you have to find out which one you actually need ginger is one of the ones that I do recommend to my autoimmune patients, especially or patients with allergies sensitivities food sensitivities because that's all immune system stuff. Right. We have to get on track and chronic fatigue syndrome, when you have a high up steam bar lime Tigers chronic Lyme syndrome, the those types of syndromes ginger works incredibly well. Right, and juicing fresh ginger is probably the best, you know, having ginger ale or soda or ginger snap. Cookies. Don't get. Get enough. You're not gonna get enough. And there's a lot of other stuff in it that takes away from the the benefits. So I actually will juice ginger. So it's really easy. You guys you just get ginger. You get like a root of ginger you've put it in the blender. I've see peel it. I put it in the blender peeling it with a spoon works really well too. It's really easy to peel with just the edge of a spoon grinded up, and the special thing you need for those you have to get like cheesecloth. So it's like that really soft fine kind of cloth. Material you put you just pour. The you're kind of ground ginger in that. And you squeeze it in knots, the juice from the ginger Zee squeeze that out into a pitcher and it lasts like a week to two weeks in your refrigerator, and I really liked organic. Amazing recipes and she prone maple syrup for real though, she she can bring us she brings in some amazing concoctions. Yeah. It is. So ginger really really popular, you know, juicing fresh ginger. Shot a day or half a glass a day, an ginger also helps you lose weight too. It's a really nice side effect of it. So when you get that low drain all issues as well. The insufficiency ginger is a a great weight loss support to sounds great. So let's get to another popular is more of a trendier adapted mushrooms. We hear Rishi allot reshi mushrooms. There is a reshi mushroom coffee up there. Mottaki? There's a lot of different types of my Portis ups are another big one so mushrooms only certain mushrooms are adopted ins, and it's really those kind of specialty mushrooms like we said cortisol reshi shitaki Mottaki, the two big ones are Cordis ups and reshi Cordis ups are like you don't always see those in the store there little more in supplement form, but they kind of have little finger like projections. That's what they look like little fingers. I actually don't know what she looks like because I don't ever really see them in the store. It's more like in TS. Yeah. Well now, but these mushrooms are pretty phenomenal adopted gyms, basically, they have a classic effect on cortisol, but mostly immune enhancing properties and anti tumor properties. Cortisol mushrooms have shown to they do have a pretty big impact on cortisol levels and oxidative stress. There was a study done in two thousand and six it was a while ago. So we've known about mushrooms for quite some time now before they've really became popular. And it found that sedentary adult males better regulated cortisol levels after taking cortisone mushrooms and had they had like Antiphon quality instead of having like caffeine, right? You can have so much right? Which will regulate your cortisol instead of dropping it and sort of having an opposite effect. It's supposed to write the problem of having the caffeine. Is you get you? Give us a high, right? Yeah. The crashes your journals. If if you guys a great example, Rachel. Your. And so it also helps increase testosterone levels too. So I will tell my men with lower testosterone levels you and women too. You can add this in a couple of times a week, and tease. Yeah. Right. And then the really big one reshi, right like fishy. Every now I feel like she t- everywhere. So what is it? What does it do? They actually have done some double blind studies, which is fantastic for Rishi mushrooms. And basically what it showed was patients that were suffering from, you know, the common ailments with adrenal fatigue showed in in total in desirable effects like positive effects in the end. So they're saying increase energy improved immune system. So it had this sort of overall adopted in effect, so adapted type, you know, other ones that are really popular know that we've heard of Oshawa Gonda, I know holy basil. Anything what are some of the other Astro Llagas is one Bury's are another one? Now, those I don't use as awesome because they have a little more of interaction profile with other medications or other supplements. So I always tell patients, you know. It's okay. If you wanna take these, but you really have to check with your physician, your functional physician to make sure that these medications aren't going to interact with the other supplements that you're on. So that the supplements went interact at anything else on an. Yeah. So the other adopted ins that work a little more for the immune system, which we're not really focusing on today. But we talked about ginseng Hesam Yoon system effects as well. Astro Gallus is a little more of immune system was fair tall has adopted in effect too. That's what comes from grapes. Right. The skin of grapes in red wine in cats claws while so those have really strong immune system properties in the ones. I tend to focus on a little more with chronic upstream bar. However, I find that vitamin c works. Sometimes just as good or better and has no side of. Checks. So I tend to push people more into the vitamin C category. If they're having immune system dysfunction, right? And that's why it's so important to be properly evaluated by a physician the way that Dr Pye ditch practices because it's super important to know exactly what your body requires since. We're all unique biochemistry is to be evaluated to see what you might react to what's going to have a positive effect. What's you know, what sort of is a neutral effect or even a negative effect? Just because something's healthy for me. Doesn't mean it's going to be healthy for another individual, even though it's something that's considered healthy. So it's super important to know what exactly you need. What adoptions you should be taking? And if they're ways that we can do things naturally, we talked before about pure essentials in the adrenal support and not to supplement that has the rodeo la-, and it basically, it's a all natural proprietary patented extract. It has really in rodeo land rodeo lie in it. And it's really just a high level supplement a high quality nutraceutical because I know a lot of times if you'll go and you'll look for these. Adapted or different supplements. You're not going to get the quality that you need to have it be effective. And that's one of the reasons why we really like the pure essentials brand is because it is super effective. It's highly absorbable. It's highly effective, and we're able to use it with patients and get results. So I've seen to patients always come in. And I I get a list of the medications they're on and they'll be on to adapted ins that are opposing each other ones raising cortisol ones lowering cortisol, right? So right. It's silly to you don't realize that. That's you're doing you think I'm on an adoption, and it's good for me. But the supplement has both of them in there, which doesn't make any sense, right? Right. So it's just it's really important to know exactly what you need to be on. So that property evaluation is important. We actually have to cut to a commercial break..

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