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It's 6 months later, or something. Maybe he can go and appeal to them or something, but it just seems like there's a ton of rooms out there you can go play in. But if you have a room you like, you like it for a reason, not just because people are exposing their cards, you know? And you're also not a live stream, which people like to be on. So yeah. Yeah. So I mean, certainly is a pretty big penalty for me. It's not as big as we may talk about later on in the show. But it is a penalty. So all right, cool. Protect your cards and quit peaking, quit peaking. Yep, and bathe before you come to the states. Please bathe. Encore, Boston, Harper has reopened his poker room and while being town players are pleased to have poker back after almost two years. Few are excited about the rake, which is 10% up to a $10 max, even in the limited games, players are taking to Twitter to say that the rate combined with the drastically small room in just 12 tables is all part of the casinos strategy to drive poker out. So this is the bizarre thing. And we kind of talked about what was going on with this, I think before, but I'm not sure. And do you think they're required to open a room? Because why would they even open it if they want to get rid of it? Yeah, yeah, we did talk about this. This is a fairly unique thing, I think. To gaming commissions, but it does seem by how the gaming commission has treated this that they are requiring both encore and Springfield and Jim Springfield to have poker because they have it in their regs. Now why they would insist on requiring a certain gaming plate. That I can't answer, but it certainly seems like that's the case. So in both cases, they're pretty much phoning it in. What they can. And certainly encore is phoning in, but reversing the charges. So we had 10% to ten hour max. That's cruise ship very great there. Not any appreciate real cruise ship break. So that's pretty insane. I believe that the room had 60, 70 tables when it before COVID now is 12, so already it's four or 5 hour waits and they close room every night. I think they close at 8 p.m.. So there were people that were on the list at the beginning of the day that never got into a game. Now maybe they wouldn't have been upset when they found out that it was a $10 marks. You know, certainly I don't know if they spread too far. There were three 6 anything like that, but if you're playing those games, $10 max, I mean, everybody at the table is going to be broken an hour. So it's really hard to not believe what people on Twitter are saying is true that they are just phoning it in and they think go back here and demonstrate the gaming commission that poker just does not work. People don't want to play it anymore. Can we get rid of it?.

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