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Adult learning for technology companies or schools for banks. You name it. That's what I do. I make out online courses for all types of learners. How did you get started there? It's kind of an interesting interesting tale. So before I worked at ever fi I had my own company called the now and sort of got my feet involved in the tech community in Washington. Dc and we may get into this a little bit later but shortly before I was getting ready to start the now start launching the now my senior left the company and so it was left with making a decision with that a lot of companies have at the time is like all right. Now what do I do our for lunch? Do I keep this going to stay active or do I find myself another job in the tech industry so I found myself another job in tech industry basically and one of my really good friends in the tech community ended up while working ever find he said? Hey you know not an accident. Positions that are open for Designers maybe you should check it out and so I did. And now we're GONNA ever fi and it's been pretty good experience so far nice. What kind of projects are you working on? Now you mentioned these courses but like in general kind of stuff. Are you working on just to make it like really easy for folks to understand? I basically make web applications like a design like web applications so they make them for you know responsive design of core. So it's GonNa be you know your lawn on Web all in a web platforms tablet desktop mobile phones so I designed. We'd like a small team of designers like international designers. Actually a lot of the designers that are hard team that with the courses that I helped build are based on Argentina mainly Argentina only have a few designers in the The DC office.

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