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Weaker a few hours ago when we got that as well let's broaden macro compensation and talk to michael metcalf gable head of matt chris jesse at state street who's with us here in the london michael good morning and we've got a little thread spools together then it seems as a sort of risk of atmosphere markets this morning there's the emerging markets story there's a rolling over a data story in europe apps let's start with emerging markets shall we how never see you and where does your where does your nervousness focus around that emerging market story be at some points to bleed across into other markets i mean quite possibly one of the things that we're looking very closely at is demand for local currency debt not just that all of that because i'll see a lot of money is gone into local currency debt in in emerging markets and i usually in in in in times of crisis from what we see a lot of hedging in the currency but not selling the underlying asset i think what beginning to see selling of the underlying asset and so that that's where it becomes more serious for certain countries so i think that's pretty thing to focus on it this morning i was having an interesting conversation the first hour greenback tv this morning with derrick about what exactly it was that litter lip firearms at the dollar this year and therefore does it continue what are your thoughts michael well look i mean i i think it's just a relative story on growth in the sense that the we talked about the european data rolling over this morning again it doesn't look like the rebound we were expecting hugh is going to happen whereas you know all the news in the us continues to be positive whether it's the deregulation regulation getting getting through the house or whether it's the fiscal impulse and its impact on the us data so i i think it's it's actually oddly it's more being the disappointment in europe and elsewhere that's helped drive the dollar and the us has just trucking along quite nicely just to point out we are now i is now on a session down by nearly five it is down by five percent i do you anticipate that at some point yeah capital controls.

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