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Origin. You hear her on the Broncos Game Day broadcast sideline. Susie. It's great to have you on the program this morning. Thank you so much for joining us. How are you? Yeah, I'm good. This is so fun. I don't get to hang out with you guys Very often. This will be fun that we're doing this every week. Absolutely. We're going to be having you on every week. We'll go over some of the betting trends. Some line changes, and I don't know some profits will kind of get into a few things here. So Susan Lutely. Yeah. Suzy, tell us a little bit about what's going on this morning with the Broncos. Well, what's going on with the Broncos this morning? There's obviously all kinds of things happening. The I got some couple interesting stats for you. So one of them being of course, Broncos are three point favorites. Right now. Back in May, they opened at a minus one. That's the third biggest shift behind the Seahawks Colts and the Cowboys Bucks game and I'm curious. And I think that you know we're all kind of as we look at us at a preseason that Broncos go three and O giants don't Um, you know, the line changes are always kind of fascinating to me, and I hear a lot of people little rumblings about, you know, watch this Broncos team. They're going to be better than you think. And I don't know if we should buy into that just yet, Or what do you guys think? Well, I think the market is going to blow out the Giants in this one. Personally, I am buying them so that three point is you're going to buy in on that one. I'm very much bought in on that. In fact, I bought it on that several times. Uh, wallets telling me I better be right. Uh, I think the Broncos in a blowout today, I've been pretty public and saying 31 10, Denver I and it's you know, I I don't want anybody think that's like a homer number. That's That's me sitting there saying, Hey, look, this is what I think is what I believe. I think his team is too talented not to beat up on a banged up Giants team with a terrible offensive line. Yeah, And you know, one of the other ones they have on the seizure Sports book right now, If you go into the brought the Denver Broncos and Giants little area there, one of their odds boost they've done is for Courtland Sutton to score a touchdown today. It's a plus 2 25, and I know there's been so much talk about, you know the turf, and there's been that talk with with Courtland. And also with von, too, So I mean, I could I could see him scoring a touchdown today. I, you know. Looks great in preseason when he was there and scored a touchdown. Yeah, and he you saw Teddy Bridgewater get on the same page with Jerry Judy early on, but I think that in part was because Courtland wasn't there. I think it only adds value really to have both guys out there, but it could be a situation where Teddy's kind of spreading the ball around this year, So we kind of cover a lot of fantasy stuff from the fancy aspect that might be frustrating at times. But at the same time for the Broncos on the field, that's going to only be valuable because when you're talking about what teams are going to try to target and slow down, you have to kind of pick your poison. Absolutely. Yeah. And if you want to mix things up, they've got one and other odds boost one. That's kind of fun. But I don't know about this one, say Kwan, Barkley and Davante Williams to both score a touchdown. That's a plus. 500. I know. Say, Kwan, you know there. He's probably going to play with a little bit of a snap count to him, But I can't What am I trying to say? Not a snap count? Yeah. Limited number of plays. Pitch pitch count. Thank you. Yeah, so bad, And I love to hear you know your thoughts on that with how much you think Sang kwon barbecue. The second Barkley going to play today? Well, I was told the same thing. I was told he's going to play. But it's gonna be on the pitch count a lot that's going to be determined by the 1st 1st quarter action. How he goes out there and plays in the first quarter is really going to determine the game script for him. After that, the New York Giants are fairly confident in his backup, Booker somebody we're familiar with here in Denver, and, of course, his revenge to her last year with the Raiders, where he put it to us so I think the Giants are going to be cautious with Jaquan Barkley not not put him in bubble wrap, but they're going to be cautious and see how that first quarter plays out. Alright. Who do you guys Thanks going to score first and with either a touchdown, a field goal or a safety? There's some good good odds on that one too. Well, who wins the court now? I'm just gonna have. I think I know right? I think the Broncos are going to score first. I do You know, I don't know if they're going to win the toss or not, but I think their first possession is going to be a heavy dose of the run game early. I think you're going to see Melvin Gordon out there a lot. I think you can see the Broncos move the ball down the field. I'm going to guess the Broncos in with a first possession field goals. So that's that's what I'll put it on. But I think you're going to A heavy dose. The run game of the Broncos score first. What do you think, Ryan? Well, you know, I'm going a little more spicy than then He's so conservative on these shows. All right, take the safety. That's me. The conservative guy give me no offense, scoring the first touchdown in the game. I think, welcome back to the team and listen. I think Teddy Bridgewater is going to love the matchup that he's going to present there in the red zone, so give me no offense, scoring the first touchdown. All right. Well, if you bet on the Caesar Sports Book Gap at the Denver if Denver scores a touchdown first, that's a plus 1 80. If you're going Ben's way, Denver's field goal That's a plus 3 20. If you want to get super spicy, and you think that the Broncos will have a safety and that will be the first score. That's a plus 2200 the great odds on that like that. Yeah, to know. Tell us what's going on..

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