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Welcome to the ticket I must've air. President trump is flailing his poll. Numbers are way down. All the empty seats at his Tulsa Rally left him to trudge back to the white. House people made fun of him and Republicans have begun to signal a kind of worry about him. That has been in the past four years. All the same few have taken big public stances against him on today show though we have someone publicly oppose the president and is now ready to go the full step further. Carly Fiorina is a conservative Republican. Who ran for the two thousand sixteen nomination. You may remember her duke it out with trump. Facing down a sexist attack from him and being announced as Ted, Cruz is running mate in a last ditch attempt to stop the reality Star from winning the Republican nomination. Even before politics, fury, and ahead quite a background. She rose from working as the secretary to being the first woman to run a fortune fifty company as the CEO of Hewlett Packard. Now, she runs unlocking potential a group that works to encourage diversity among corporate leadership. She join me to discuss president trump the Republican party, and how her thinking has evolved recently..

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