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A loop. North and I 95 rent to the inner loop. Still, with that crash, blocking the left side of the roadway. I'm Rob Stallworth, w T o p traffic and now the storm team for meteorologists. Lauren Rick. It's beautiful, but it is a little breezy. Oh, yeah, Those winds are gusting up in over 35 miles an hour at times temperatures only in the thirties. The wind, chills, teens and twenties will continue a sunshine for the remainder of the day. Clear skies into the overnight and then the winds settled down after about six or seven o'clock tonight. Cold start tomorrow morning with teens and Twenties and then tomorrow right around 40 degrees quiet. Plenty of sunshine. Light winds wintry mix, moving in through mid day on a Monday that will continue as we head into Tuesday. Some rain showers on Tuesday. Both days travel is gonna be tricky. I'm starting for meteorologist Lauren Records. 32 degrees son Capitol Hill brought to you by patient First physicians, X rays, lab tests and prescription drugs with 20 D C. Metro area medical centers. It's 1 41. Least in Prince George's County have released the name of a 16 year old who was shot and killed. On Thursday. He's Angel Villatoro of Hyattsville, who was shot while in a vacant apartment in Langley Park. The two other teenagers charged in his death, or 17, year old Nelson Perez and 19 year old Joshua Dorado. Both are charged with first degree murder. Police say they're also facing attempted murder charges. Police say they returned after the shooting and fired a gun at an officer who was there at the scene investigating Northern Virginia company says it helped police closed dozens of cold cases all over the country last year. Terrebonne Nano Labs arrested based company that analyzes DNA's says it helps all 50 cold cases for police departments around the country in 2020, typically these air, very violent crimes that have not been able to be solved because that person Has either died or has managed not to commit.

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