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Participating restaurants. City House votes on a post office bill. I'm Beth Myers and the news radio. 1000 Katie. Okay news center. In a rare Saturday session, the US House voted to allocate $25 billion to the U. S Postal Service and Ban operational changes until after the election. Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole called the bill a joke. No legislation is going to happen because my friends aren't serious about legislation. No money is going to get to the post office because it can't pass the Senate and the post office doesn't need it any way. He called it a fake emergency legislation. Tribal casinos there reporting a big drop in fees that they pay to the state. Here's Margot Murano, the Corona virus pandemic in the legal cost of fighting. Governor Kevin Sted on gaming compacts has impacted the tribal gaming industry in Oklahoma. Tribe's paid nearly $123 million in exclusivity fees to the state during the fiscal year that ended June 30th, the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association, said phase were projected to be asshole I as $165 million parents in still water. We're anticipating that schools would continue in person instruction this week, but that changed yesterday when Superintendent Mark Maura announced on Social Media At schools would be closed on Monday and distance learning would begin on Tuesday. He says. It's because of the growing number of covert 19 cases in pain County. He said the district would be taking a week by week approach. As to its method of instruction, The highway Patrol says A passenger van filled with Children crashed into a semi yesterday that was parked on the side of a road east of Texoma in Texas County. There were eight Children in the van. A nine year old boy and a three year old boy were killed. Two other Children are in critical condition. They were all from New Mexico. Oklahoma City. Police were called to a convenience store last night near Northeast 23rd and Lottie. They found a man and a woman who had been shot. They were both taken to a hospital where the male victim died. Police say an altercation led to the shooting. Two suspects fled the scene, but they were later caught. 22 year old Corey Gay and 42 year old Marlon Craft were arrested. The highway Patrol now says it was an Arkansas man who drowned Friday at Long Lake near Poto. 45 year old Marlon Garcia Van Buren, Arkansas, rented upon tune boat and took along five passengers. A three year old boy fell off the boat and Garcia jumped in to save them. Garcia began to struggle went under the water and did not resurface. A 16 year old boy on the boat also jumped in the water and was able to rescue the three year old boy, and there was a head on crash Saturday in Holden Ville. Two people were killed. The highway Patrol says 21 year old Jade and Yarborough of Holden Ville was driving a car that crossed the center line. And hit an oncoming pickup truck. Yarborough was killed along with the passenger, identified as 22 year old Lawrence Yarborough. And amid the Corona virus pandemic comes word from the State Health Department that it's received more than $2 million.

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