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Strike easily at ops somebody amounting get higher name really want this there are so bad it's going to be a tough decision job interview only tomorrow ten eastern pacific cnbc get yours tomorrow by interested in working at our company imagine trying to land your dream job and i hope i got the job and having the whole thing i can tell of um so nervous right real people first impression is real jobs slack you think matthew real interviews always the person the stretch out somebody's about that i'm really want this so that's going to be a tough decision job interview allnew tomorrow ten eastern pacific cnbc get yours the union that represents hollywood director says more women and minorities are working in television the directors guild of america says it reviewed nearly forty five hundred of last season's tv episodes and sixty two percent were directed by white man twenty two percent were directed by non whites white women were directors on sixteen percent the numbers reflect some low singledigit increases for women and minorities but the directors guild president says the industry needs to chip away at its reliance on white males thomas shlomi says if nothing else finding diverse directors makes good business sense i'm jan johnson mario in luigi are headed to the big the wall street journal reports that elimination entertainment is close to an agreement with nintendo to make an animated super mario brothers movie based on a thirty two year old video game super mario brothers is the world's bestselling video game franchise ever i'm anne cates why are rows solar anaam.

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