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I find a book by the political theorist William Connolly at Johns Hopkins really insightful his book, it's a very short book. It's called aspirational fascism. When I find interesting about it is it takes seriously. The fact that look we haven't had yet fascist consequences in American politics. But it's a mistake. Not to look at the aspirated side of what Trump tries to do. Do. And so if there is a theory behind him, it's not when he's are titular needed. But it really does resemble that, and I don't think that that's your e I hope that that's the reason not going to cat- catch on. But it certainly is whether it catches on or not corrosive to American politics. And so I think that the Trump legacy isn't isn't going to be a good one. The rhetorical presidency at Jeffrey tulips, thanks so much for joining us. And what a pleasure it has been. Thanks for having me. L'affaire podcast is produced in cooperation with the Brookings Institution. Thanks this week to Michaela Fogel for engineering by conversation remotely with Jeffrey tulips, the law fair podcast is produced and edited by gen Paci. How for those of you, miscreants, who haven't yet tweeted about the law fair podcast review, the law, fair podcast important to review it and shared it on all kinds of social media. Get on it people for those of you who have not purchased law. Fair merch the law. Fair store dot com awaits you. It's beckoning. You are music is as it always is performed by the one the only Sophea Yan and as always thanks for listening.

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