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And can you bring the Brig of coke like the second part of the book is like, you know, that is back because there's this terrible hate crime in which. And Soviet Olenin guesses playing that character Albouy. Okay. So there's something where I think he's just like sign me up like because he's gonna win an Oscar for bad times at the El Rey. Al. Oh my God. That accent play Phil spector also Canadian race playing a guy with a a black guy never explained never explained. Who salutes? Everyone. Do you know that he played a fear in the Cup of qua- dub of inside out pictures inside out? Is that true that he makes doing I swear to God French Canadian when dubbing when the beginning we had movies go over there. He has done several of those, you know, about Mellon Melanie Laurent stat know her dad is the voice of Homer in France. Really? Wow. Number three that rule at the box office. Is a comedy. That's funny that we were saying like this is the worst weekend to release a movie, and they were like, oh, well, at least they'll go on notice. And then the biggest history. Right. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. It was crazy. It is crazy that it did that well that. So that's one of the biggest gaps between number one and number two insane. So number three is like a comedy. That's now in its fourth week. Okay. That kinda did pretty well. Despite not exist androids, excuse me, Flanders, not better even funny. No, okay. Doesn't exist. Did pretty well was the final total seventy five did survey fulltime movies. It's like a spoof comedy. Spoof. It's a spoofing movie. We'll spoof. It's a little spoof had been number one the previous three week previous three weeks. I know what this is and between ocean. Right. That's like a spoof of someone's Ernest making a drought, right? Yeah. Does does it feature a big comedy start? No, not really like to sort of major names. I wouldn't call them any of them exclusively comedy stars. I guess one of them is more of a comical, but they're actors. They're not like people came at the light blue free notions. The first to go direct to sweater. Sorry. I just wanted to make joke. Just occurred to me. Show. I just tell you know to say more things about it comedy. Like a buddy comedy. I I it's got like a title. That sounds like it's already. Body Guard movie that doesn't exist. Samuel Jackson someone else in that movie Hayek, and their landing sequel, there's a sequel the body go, Tim, it's the hitman bodyguards life, or whatever Richard E grant is in that. I believe Gary Oldman, we are the director of kick ass two. I think you might be right. Gary Oldman Selma Hayek, Ryan Reynolds, Samuel Jackson. They are making a sequel number four is another harm movie a prequel a prequel within a prequel to a spin off in a larger her universe. So it's Annabel creation about creation which made one hundred and two million about the creation of the doll. That was in the conjuring dare is only mystified one conjuring film that has not made a hundred billion dollars home again know, Annabel the first one. Yeah. For for a hor- franchise. That's crazy. I know 'cause usually one of them will overperform in usually they hover around seventy or eighty if it's a big franchise until they drop off. And like, none the two conjuring Annabel creation of rested. Give her proper title the Nunn. Richard wrote and directed the film. I just think proper title. Yeah. I mean, it was hard as roles universe. But it's a whole. Really getting ready for your world tour for transportation. Trolls doing my trolls are good. My my.

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