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Own monthly payment one hundred thirty dollars per month and they claim that uh the f squirrel account was short in 2016 but i went over all the numbers looked at the paperwork him i was there was no deficit uh for that entire year so why was hit on the small planes core hang on a minute uh that gets a little bit tricky when they said there was no deficit each because they thought that i said there was no deficit however i and how do you know there was no deficit by went over all my paperwork all my payments m i figure it out how much my taxes insurance was added all the number and you can use a this was the guy this actually was kosher now how long do they want a charge you one hundred thirty dollars a month for months how long hollow under the late on doing now 12month faith said it'd be for one year so it started in january of this year and have you for small have they taken the money out or or young okay so it's out of an account that you have taken out yeah look look why monthly payment went up but you don't pay you don't pay and on an app or check i pay my mortgage i wrote him a check every months you don't do that you have died there than go on your account right right combined can you take in the court have you talk to them and say hey my here mine umbrella and there's tank combat are fed m i found him in the mail all the paperwork proof of it and um and widely resign nonresponse non responsive okay yeah i would here's what i would you if you're a first of all i would email all of it scan it an email and if you don't have a scanner or go to mike our tent copy doesn't matter they're going to they can argue we never got the hard copies did you.

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