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Hello everybody and thank you for tuning in today. I'd like to talk a little bit about homeschooling and some of the crisis that we're facing in our school system throughout this country the schools are being closed down. I they're over reacting. There's a historian going on metairie closing down. That kids are at home and who knows how long this will be in. The college is closed down. I have a grandson to can't graduate because of a suspension of of classes and the graduation ceremony. So I think is very serious. Course take the position that I don't think the The Corona virus is nearly as serious as some of the complications but With me today is Damian Adams. Who of course you know? Because he's our co host but he's also some Hayes had some personal experience with home school and he's not worried of his school closing down. He has got kids and they're getting home school. And that's what we want to talk about. Of course I've been involved in home schooling for awhile and we want to visit with you shortly Daniel. Yeah you know what I'm seeing off to. Paul people are worried am seeing on facebook and other social media. Parents are feeling anxiety because the kids are home. They may have center kids off to school and not really thought about lesson. Plans and education. Funding kids are probably watching a lot of cartoons. Whatever THEY DO VIDEO Games appearance are getting tired of it? They do understand that. The kids need to start studying but they really don't know how to go about it. That's why we kind of had the idea that maybe there's something that we can do to help. Take some of the anxiety out of having your kids home. Yeah and In the program. It's nothing I really believe in because I want to do this long term because I've never been very happy with our government school system but really there's a lot of other people aren't very happy with the government system to because they would agree with us in many ways that this might be over. He'll as far as causing on everything. Because the argument of Haciendas The Corona Var is still still up for discussion that anyway the New People are frightened about what to do. And I I started the The program the homeschooling program up the home run off curriculum shortly after other congress and Tom Woods and accurate north or very instrumental in. Isn't they have a have a good program? So I'm very pleased with that and We have a significant number of people. They got the thinking. Under these circumstances there might be some other people I think will. Home scoring is is the way to at least consider unlearn about it. And that's what I wanted to visit with you on because there's so many disadvantages of what we're going through now. Of course the disadvantages. You had jerk this being home-schooled long time before you had to have the corona virus and you are. I think interested in more academically of what was happening and getting getting a good education for for your kids. So this is this is something. That's not going to get better fast. I thought you should have never occurred to this extent because the Koran of ours has not proven to be Anything compared to influenza. You know as far as the danger go. But you know this program Is Unique is lower. Little bit different. There's a lot of videos to watch. It's it's Something that students can operate on their own They don't need a whole lot of supervision from from the pair and it's been very popular you know for the people have used it and that's that's one of the good things to offer folks when they have their own they don't know what to do. Wrong Hawker Hurricane. Lem The thing that we we have used it to us at long the things. That's that's do the great things about it the first of all it's scalable. It's not all in or all out in on for our son. For example we use it as a supplement in his other education. He took some courses at the college. He did some courses with his mother. Any did some Ron Paul curriculum courses. So it's very scalable is very good thing but in the second thing is especially when the kids get a little older not even that much older. It's ninety eight percent self taught so the parents. My wife was busy teaching our younger two. She didn't have to worry about lesson plans. And all of this with with our son because it self taught in kids are so used to youtube videos. These days that it's very easy for them to get into an a tell you what. My son was very reluctant to start writing soon as he started studying with Gary North and Tom Woods to great masters really great educators. He was writing. He was off the off the rails riding constantly so it does help students a lot. And that's why we really want to visit the audience and tell them this might be something you want to look into and who knows you might want to do it permanently. That's right you know A few months ago yes it is now that I did a couple of aren't you? It was very excellent students. Not as very pleased will because I I don't deal with the students on a day-to-day basis. And I did a couple interviews. I will make them available so after we finish here. They clipped on the oral CDs interviews. There were one young man and while you're young lady and I'll tell you what they were really good you know. What are the concerns? I hand at what two about home schooling before I knew about it was one socially they'll never adjust and I found out as I was on the campaign trail it was the home. School kids were very well adjusted. I stand up and ask questions like adult and the other thing. That Arfan was very much into sports. I think oh you're willing. They'll never meet other kids. They won't do anything politically. Your kids actually get out and do athletic things and they INSA corporations. It's a different image. I ever had the first time I came cross home school. It was in the eighties. They were trying to close it down in still fear that too. And that's why the program that I wanted was one that was designed not for a religious narrow essays but a message of liberty. We're everybody could have a home schooling with a what. So they know and understand the freedom philosophy economic policy the Federal Reserve the foreign policy. And so it's it's very generalize in that sense but not narrow but that doesn't rule out and we don't think people should want to have have a home school that teaches much more narrow. Since that's the way the schools originally started you know in early history. They had a religious connotation to it and they were small groups and one room schoolhouses and it was quite a bit different so I I do hope that as we finish that People will click on especially watch some of these interviews and I think that the program that you mentioned that There's quite a few lessons that you can take. If you're interested to see what lessons lichner forty seven suggestion programs in there. Yeah you know you didn't really interesting things that there's nothing stopping you from forming. Skoko off using the Ron Paul Kurkim. After you know people that do that so you can join together with the kids and so we would just encourage people. Just Click on one Paul Curriculum Dot com have a look have a look at what's offered look at how much they have on sampled and try out and is Dr Paul Mention. There's a very special program. Rpc STUDY SKILLS DOT com. And we'll have listen the description to these and to the to the top the pulse but the RPC study skills. Dot Com will is is a series of forty seven lessons to help teach kids how to study in how to read in this completely free. So what what are you have to lose? Give it to try right right. Very good at Daniela's nice visiting with you because you had experienced that too. I have to tell you that There was a time when outswing it didn't exist when I was raising our kids and all but I'm a strong believer in it and something WanNa promote and something. That is very long lasting. I WANNA thank everybody the tune in today for this a special review of homeschooling and the conditions that we're facing today in our educational system. Please come back soon..

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