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Didn't help that. They also shortest out and anton smith on the season was averaging one point eight yards a carry. So that's great. Imagine a kevin faulk averaging like five something and he actually got most carries in this game show carried them but they showed a stat earlier on the game where they had rushing paterson on the season. Jamal lewis who. I'm assuming was the leading rusher for the ravens. Had three hundred sixty four rushing yards through three games on three touchdowns clinton portis to forty nine and touchdowns the jets and patriots combined. Two hundred and forty five yards and one rushing touchdown. Three games curtis martin. Right the jets as a team in their first. Two games had accumulated seventy eight total rushing yards in the first two weeks six worst ever in the history of nfl. Tough and there were there. Were saying that on the season. They were thirty three running backs like individual running backs in the league that had rushed for more yards in that right. The jets offense was the thirty four. Th ranked running back in terms of yards gained on the season. He gets it together though. Right curtis i think he ends brushing for thousand yards on the season. Yeah touching mall perot the next year too. So he's not this is not the downfall of curtis martin. It's just a slow start. Is that fair. i think so. Yeah i think that's basically what happens here. There's a slow. Start for the jets. In general and i think they are still kind of recovering from the chad. Pennington thing even though which is weird because he must come back this season because he finished as the leading passer on the team. Yeah he does and santana. Moss went for over a thousand yards and ten touchdowns surprising because the jets finished six and ten last in the afc east. Isn't that surprising though. Little bit they had Saying jets blowing it. I mean they had they had pro bowl of sean ellis with twelve and a half sack the team. He was the guy that they picked with the bell. Check pick right. Yeah and also a forty year old tests. That's true starting at quarterback so that's not going to help go. I don't think vinnie was bad. Like like you say. Greg i feel that that painting injury in the fourth preseason game But this team up for a couple of years. Yeah yeah 'cause we compare these games in there not too far apart that when we lost the end of two thousand two and this one nearly five games or so apart and they're coming off that like forties one enough in thrashing of the peyton colts two in the playoffs. So they're they're coming into the season supposed to be good right..

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