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Recruiting office and from there. The the sergeant was there would take him out training with a couple of other guys That we're also interested in doing it. he to do boot camp and for for the people that don't get to see that it is. It is true it well. Their graduation is absolutely stunning. And i believe it so respectful so timed down to the you know down to the minute detail. it's just a really special time and and thankfully we were able to see that and then he got these units and started training Getting harder you could. He had really good senior senior noncommissioned. individuals helping him out and Well end up doing three tours. Enough ghanistan His first one was about a year. Well it it's what he loved to do. He loved this country he absolutely loved it. And like i said from the some time time nine eleven happened. This is what he wanted to do. You know and when i talk about compassion and love he was he was. He was the love of the family you know. He had his two sisters that act at just absolutely loved him as they should They looked at the ham and england to him for everything they called. They called him bubba. he get mad at missy if they called him taylor and you know. He's got several aunts and uncles on both sides Several cousins on both sides And he was the first born on both sides of the family as well but when he gets with his cousins and aunts and uncles it was. It was fun fast. Everybody would run taylor. Everybody walked in the room all the little kids workout in. You only pick them up. Hug him squeezing tickle them just the whole family meant everything to taylor and we were so happy when he found the coal She's a she's a little bit fire just like he was but she kept him in check. She's a little sweetheart and we love her to death. we absolutely love her to death. Let me ask you both. And i'm just gonna leave it wide open Mark i'll go back to you. And and i want you to talk more about your son lance corporal jarret schmitz and you know. Tell us more. Give us more context. Texture maybe how you feel about the situation he was put in. That's up to you. I don't really wanna drag you into my world. I'd i've more want to honor your sons than anything else i have. Two kids of my own Is around the same eight. My daughter was born. Thirteen days before nine eleven. Oh one and She's now twenty at the same age as your son You never stopped worrying about your kids. I'm sure every day. Your sons are in a war zone. You really worrying about him. He probably not sleeping at all yes he. He was about six months old. Just a little over six months old when when nine eleven hit and His mother told me that he started talking about joining the marines of the in third grade. I believe it was You know which is obviously just too young for that but he stuck with that and Made sure that it came true for him and he had he was Extremely lovable Brother two two two two sisters My half brother here in my side half brother mom side and a stepbrother. My son as well so he's us from a big family and every single person just looked up to him. They knew that he was Selfless that is probably the best word to describe him. He would do anything for anyone for any reason Great friends have so many found that out. Now i i knew everybody loved him but grief the boring has been tremendous and people coming out of the woodwork. That have told me stories of how dare had changed them. Personally you know it just melts my heart His mom is Obviously struggling with us as we all are but we're looking forward to having him home and You know it just tears me up the most that there's a young man that's twenty years old can't legally drink we all know he already did You know he didn't have a chance to get married. You didn't have a chance to join the family business. Which is recently discussed slipped him that he said after the core he was considering coming to work with me and you know i would have been extremely honored to have him on board and he and i were actually talking about him buying a car when he got back and when he got out of the core finding an apartment you know and just getting his life started and I was trying to find some information from him that he gave me months ago. So i had to go through the text messages from him this morning and i was extremely difficult but Just looking back and seeing all the things that he was talking about he was wanting to do after after he was done in the core and To know that none of these things are going to happen now is just. It's that's the hardest part term me up that he was gonna stay with this Mark schmidt's he lost his twenty year. Old son lance corporal. Jared smits darren. Hoover's with us is thirty one year old marine corps staff sergeant son darren taylor hoover In this plastic took place last week. This terror attack will come back Get some final thoughts from these gold star. Father is on the other side And our prayers are with all of you and your family. And i know you both have some very tough days ahead and we This audience cares. I can tell you that. I speak for everyone in this audience. And these stories are heartbreaking. Eight hundred nine. Four one sean. We'll get to your calls next half hour. 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