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Social toll has been on all of us. We have the tools we have the innovation and the companies to do all of this in a coordinated fashion and frankly in a way that is really not that difficult harvard epidemiologist michael meal maliki to his writing and here. Now dr meet up doesn't mean a thank you thank you very much. The drugmaker maduna said today that it will ask. Us in european regulators to authorize emergency use of its corona virus vaccine after trial results. Showed it to be ninety. Four percent effective pfizer is also trying to get government approval for its vaccine and so is the british drugmaker astrazeneca but even when a vaccine is ready. There's still the question of how to get it to billions of people around the world allen you from. Whyy the pulse. Talk to some people working on that. Logistical challenge to deliver billions of doses of vaccine. You have to think about a lot of small details. David monster calvo is handling one of them. He's the chief operations and supply chain officer of west pharmaceutical services a global company with headquarters in pennsylvania. Each year we makeup billions of stoppers plungers seals. That are used with vials syringes in partridges. His company has hired an extra five hundred people to their team of eight thousand to make sure they are enough of those stoppers for a covert nineteen vaccine as we like to see. Every component has a patient's name on it once you can hold the vaccines you need to get them to people a lot of vaccines need to stay cold. Vaccines are sensitive biological products. Some of them are living so you need to keep those at the right temperatures.

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