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Chapter four look, it's. The thrill of waking up on Christmas morning is second to none for many. It's their earliest week called the year because who can possibly sleep in on a day like Christmas, the eyelids of little ones to fly open even before centers all the way up the chimney. But when Holly awoke the next morning fear had replaced that thrill as she hoped. Desperately the events of the previous day had just been a bad dream. She kept her eyes squeezed shot. Well, you need us. Holly just he could peak over those is okay. Still worry a bit more. Okay. This might be my room a little more. No, wait. Why is there? Holly everywhere. Cosco? Molly, y'all servicemen chestnuts. How do you know there was anyone do the holy it's fine? It's fine. But why? Yes, we all thought it was rather pret given your name. No. Well, it's the thought that counts, you know, miss the holy was actually mile. Eddie. The castle. Guard led Hawley down to the dining hall where Cornelius and I were already waiting for her finishing up a meal of peppermint pancakes. Any luck with the memory Remington, a few bits and pieces. But nothing that's going to help us. I'm afraid you. I always go in any information the library. Is there weren't around here? You're gonna love this. Let's go Cornelius whisked us outside and down a narrow street this even more decorations up around down today, even more hustle and bustle reindeer were hauling carts tinsel and group of gingerbread men, seared setting all kinds of Connell games and stuff. What's going on here? It's Tinseltown's Christmas block party. Of course, we have them once a month here. I don't I I'm on the planning committee. It took. I mean, it took a long time to get on there. But the doesn't matter. That's the thing even on a bad day Tinseltown. Always find a way to cheer you up. I'm starting to notice that. On by. Memories. I feel something coming back. Something big was I acting as guardian on the wings behalf. I don't think. So she went for member. Do you must have been working with someone else also hazy, but I do remember someone. Always met up at the block. We rounded corner onto a short side street ended at an impressive Whitestone building with red and white candy. Cane striped combs, the sign over the door read that check it twice public library. The check it twice public library of its own once inside tall over flowing cases sore towards the high domes. Jones leaning in that seemingly impossible angles large staircase made ice Bali pop ladders and even a few the crystal bridges were dotted around offering easy access to each and every. What me do talking? I have a sort of a connection with Ivy. Okay. Oh, my breath. Old. Cornelius. Well, a happy cry. And remington. My goodness. How long has it been who's your friend? Is this the human girl I've been hearing so much about? Looses? Sorry. This is wholly. We're looking for some information while then looks like you've come to the right place. Holly. My name is Ivy and I'm the librarian here in Tinseltown. What can I help you with today? Looking.

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