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Phone number nine eight a one two three four bill Arnold be there might be there Robert Mayer of all be there via queue in a afterwards is going to be a good Ole Santa Fe time coming up on thirty four minutes after three o'clock to filmmakers in studio with is how much talk to Bernie a little bit more before I before you guys get out here about your work as a filmmaker but before we do Mr Hirn do you have a website where you sell your music service we do she is very simple it is not hard at all bill Hearn that's within easy H. E. A. R. in E. U. dot com all right do you have anything in the works you have a new album coming up maybe yep would not have been more not of that some may be but it's a new album called liar that society hall loses wonderful venue open Alamosa Colorado vault with a fellow that will be there to more not sit in with both mac and a buddy don Richmond of recording engineer fabulous musician multi instrumentalist and done we recorded this in April and we just started talking about it only done did some gigs with me and all the way up to Denver we started so you're now we've got does it will you know we got a way to record my own in that society hold us really you know we got a new digital interface and we're ready to go well what we do is we would play their Saturday night when we just record to see what happens so the user they use it as a live music venue yeah yeah nice place yes it is it's beautiful been using to about two hundred worth checking out if you're up near up near Alamosa yeah it'll be Helen don't records all right as well as my last three or four have been that's done label okay and it will happen if we don't have a newborn I will definitely have a mid market hers big board this weekend which stores next well next Thursday a week from where is that that's Intel's as the city parking tells of you'll be the seventeenth annual model heard big board as we can we got some great singer songwriters land up in it's going to be a quite a bit trout fishing in America Gary P. known just a lot of great pictures in Nashville singer song writers of it it's the heck with it okay every year I know you guys are all busy one do one more song yeah and we'll we'll let your role you bet your okay so what you have tested in a guy who used to live in Santa fe's Austin right now but they co wrote a lot in his book deal John **** till the last couple three years but Tom Russell hello this back in the mid eighties.

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