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To retirees eighty years old and he's ready to hand the reins over to one of his sons but at the last minute he decides that you know his son has act as of the struggles with the issues of addiction and all kinds of stuff so he decided not to hand the reins over it throws the family and a complete like they're like oh my god now what we gonna do and then he has a cerebral hemorrhage. and then everybody goes crazy it's like that all all for the kids they the with varying degrees of like you know connection to the company they they start to prepare for this future without their father but he's kind that he's kind of coming back so all my god it's just I I've never seen the level of dysfunction in the and any movie that I've experienced in succession is this because if you know what I was stunned by was I guess it was two weeks ago my husband was reading an article about it because we watch it all the time and and this article was trying that how hysterical it is how it's such a funny show that it's some kind of a comedy I'm not laughing really see I think it's very very funny bits of the humor is really really black. remember in the who's the first second episode he's they're all going to his birthday party and nobody knows what to get him he's like the billionaire who has everything and then he gets one of his I son in law or something get him a sour dough starter from. I don't know from one of the relatives suck ups who who one day wants to own all the water in the world. he's like oh wow this is wonderful I.

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